Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Springtime Wool Banner

As so many of us have stated, this year just seems to be zooming by.
This morning was my first Sunday morning in weeks, that I found myself starting the day slowly with a movie and some slow stitiching in hand. I almost forgot how relaxing our stitching can be.
I'm off to get my final distance day of walking in before my big race next weekend.
It'a a beautiful 65 degree day and I'm kinda anxious to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.
Happy Slow Stitching Sunday to everyone.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. This is awesome! I'm allergic to wool, but can see using felt and flannels - and I have the table top hanger already.

  2. So cute! Enjoy your walk in this beautiful weather

  3. Cute woolie piece. Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  4. Very sweet and Springy wool banner! Enjoy your walk!

  5. Your wool banner is beautiful and I envy your weather! :) Enjoy it and your stitching :)

  6. A very nice banner, I am seeing more wool work these days is it felt you use or proper wool, have not come across wool in the shops here so not sure what is used. Enjoy your walking going to check out what your big walk is about now

  7. Cute banner, Val. Good luck in your big race.

  8. That banner is so cute Val! Sounds like the perfect day to get out there and enjoy the sunshine!


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