Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Archives #110: Dyed Fabric

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This week's theme is: DYED FABRIC

I've been following Kathy who blogs at Kathyinozarkspages ever since I started blogging a few years ago. We've enjoyed exchanged happy mail over the years. Me sending her some of my homemade glass hexagon templates and she sending me some of her hand dyed fabrics (2010)  and amazing smelling soaps. Kathy's blog is a potpourri of recipes, fiber art inspiration, spiced with her daily adventures (and visitors) in the Ozarks of  Northern Illinois.
For a peek at a creative day of fabric dye fun, click HERE (2009) for a slideshow demonstrating how their fabrics are dyed and later ready for a variety of creative projects.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. I haven't sewn with hand dyed fabrics but I did buy some dye about 5 years ago lol, so one day...

  2. I have dyed a lot of my own fabric and still have a lot, mostly dyed in one color. I love the look of the dyed fabrics and it's fun to see how they turn out, especially when I tie or fold or scrunch them in the dye bath.

  3. OMG - haven't dyed fabric since the tie dye 70's, then tried it with a 4-H group using plants when my kids were young, and then tie dye some socks with an after school program.

  4. Thank you much for the feature-hugs

    1. I just added one for the rust dyeing-which is so much fun and always surprise results

  5. Another "cheat" to post. I just took a marbling class so it's really not dying.....:) I did just do an online class on fabric dying and buy a kit to do some of my own.

  6. I have some dyes I was given two years ago for a Christmas gift from a fellow quilter. I still haven't used them, but maybe this summer.

  7. I do not use dye but silk paints that i sponge onto fabriic then sprinkle sea salt on to make it bleed have not done any for a while so maybe it is time to do some more, have also tried acrylic paint but that makes the fabric too stiff, would love to have a proper dyeing session with someone who knows what they are doing.


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