Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Archives #141: Mitered Corners

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This week's theme is: MITERED CORNERS 

Okay, I have to admit, the idea of mitered  corners has eluded me. Yet, as I prepared for this Tuesday's linky, I've come to realize that they can be a wonderful accent to a beautiful quilt.
I found a few U-Tube videos and probably spent too much time on Pinterest...yet, ended inspired how this technique so gracefully "marries" two very different fabrics. This method doesn't look hard.
Tutorial found at Saltwater Quilts

Next week's theme: MADE GIFTS
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  1. ...or just one fabric (see my post). Mitering is yet another one of those great creative tools for the quilter's technique tool box. But I'm staying away from Pinterest, I spend too much time online as it is!

  2. I mitred the corners on my Honour quilt. The fabric made it look like it was framed...

  3. What a fun theme! I'm looking forward to reading every one else's posts on mitered corners. I've only attempted it once so far, but will try again with the right quilt and border fabrics.

  4. the only mitered corners I have done are those on the binding

  5. I've not tried mitered corners, but that's the plan for one of the quilts on the current "to be finished" list.


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