Saturday, August 26, 2017

Creativity: Being Prepared Part One

Which right now, I'm not!
Yet, as a school teacher, the new school year is more often than not my "New Year's Resolution" time of year. There are so many things I love about being a teacher, and the schedule is one of them.
Thus this Saturday morning as I find myself catching up on all your blogs and myself happily settled into a new school year, I find myself contemplating my quilty list of projects and set to use today to prepare myself for a productive year of Saturdays. 
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Being Prepared

First, I've rearranged household routines of cleaning and mowing to be accomplished during the weekdays, between that afternoon gap of arriving home from school/work and dinner. My motivation?  My husband works Saturday, thus I really want to have my Saturdays free to relax and rejuvenate myself through my sewing/quilting.  It's an important part of my creative process to be intentional and organized. If not, it would be soooo easy for me to just go into my studio today and just kinda, look at everything. LOL! And truthfully, not get much done as there are WIP everywhere. (Of which I don't mind...that's normal for me, but none of it is really prepared to the point I just jump in there and sew for thirty minutes.) So being prepared is important to my creative process. We've been participating in the Primary Colors Personality exercises at work as a staff and quite honestly, I haven't done these kind of exercises since college. We've all loved it and have gained a better understanding of each other and ourselves. Heck, I've even had my family take the quiz. 

Okay, with that said, admittedly I'm a centered purple and only two point from being tied with centered orange.  I use to teeter into the extreme purple mode of micro-managing when I was younger, but age has truly mellowed any of those tenancies. My cooperating teacher teases me that I have "organized fun" and she's so right! Once my work is's time for fun!

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Seriously, it's admittedly that need for productivity and accomplishment that even has me sitting here today, "planning" my creative process so I can be productive while I have fun sewing! LOL!! (Of course I'm laughing at myself...but see, I just can't help it!)  Okay, with those confessions made and probably TMI shared, I am totally motivated by fellow blogger Jackie's "Alternative Creative Workspaces" post from last March. As, like many of us, she has a variety of creative projects going on at once and each with their own space and purpose. I love that!
Sooo what does being prepared look like for me?
Well, today I am setting out to accomplish the following:
1. Get projects ready and kept together.
2. Spaces I need projects for: a TV room hand project, a patio hand project, a sewing machine project, and well, there's always a quilt needing to be put on the frame. 
3. A portable project.
As I get busy with all this, have fun and click HERE  to take the personality test. 
Feel welcome to comment on this post to share your "color"  and how it relates to you as a quilter. 
I'll be back soon with an update of my progress.

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  1. Sounds like you are feeling inspired in many ways atm 😍 don't you love that! My whole summer was that way and I loved it.

  2. We had to take the color personality test for back to school too and I got red and green equally---I am a true Gemini. I guess I am a cooperative leader perhaps becoming a principal is a good call. For my sewing, I do like to be organized in my sewing room and when it is tidy I am more productive! I am in a holding pattern awaiting my Bee Happy templates and the Good Life fabric that I ordered. I am trying not to start any other big projects until I get some of my tops finished.

  3. I'm a firm believer in being prepared in order to take advantage of creativity! Your color personality test sounds really interesting.:)

  4. OH my you are clearly more organized than me and an inspiration! :)

  5. Good luck with your organizational journey. I don't think it ever ends, you find things to tweak along the way. But I know have a method to the madness helps when you don't have as much time to sew as you'd like.

  6. how good to be so organised and what a great sewing place you have there loving those glass fronted cabinets so much easier to find things than in drawers. Looked at the test but did not take it will have another look later but could not work it out how to do it

  7. If that sewing room was mine I am afraid I wouldn't get anything done. I wouldn't leave it...EVER! LOVE this room. Love that wall of glass cabinets and your round table with those gorgeously coloured chairs.....a dream! I also espy a hexie quilt in progress. You have the most wonderful sewing room ever, Val. Looking at your Purple/Orange thingy-ma-jigs, I can see me in the both of them. =)

  8. OMG is that your sewing room? I am soooo jealous of those wonderful library shelves, so nice with the wood and glass! Cozy, and creative space!!

  9. wow great organizational ideas! thanks. and wow that is quite a sewing room.

  10. Yes! Those cabinets are perfect for storing my fabric and books. I love being able to see all the pretty colors of my stash.

  11. It sounds like you have a great plan! I've never seen the Primary Colors thing--very interesting!

  12. I find that I get a big boost of creativity *while* I'm organizing! That's when I sort and fold the piles of fabric that get messy during a previous project. Seeing my stash again sparks often new ideas, which end up in piles, starting the cycle again :)


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