Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just off the frame....

These little foxes were so much fun to quilt. My customer's last name is Fox so I'm sure it will be cherished for some time. I think she plans on hanging it in their home.
I forgot to ask...but I think this is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern??
I had fun using this little fox pantograph I found in my collection and 
the variegated thread blended perfectly with the quilt's colors.
Summer is fast approaching...which means I'll have more time to quilt.
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  1. Yes it's an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, because I made a lap quilt of that fox pattern for my grandson several years ago. It is a fun block to sew. Elizabeth added a free eyeglasses applique that you could add to the fox, but she did it after I had made my quilt, darn! Because my grandson wears eyeglasses now and it would have been cute to have at least one of the foxes in glasses. I love that cute fox quilting design!

    1. Since the eyeglasses are an applique, it should be relatively easy to add a pair to the existing quilt--will your grandson let loose of it for a few days?

  2. This is so cute and the quilting is fantastic.

  3. What a neat panto! I've never seen that one before. So cute! I'm sure your client will be THRILLED with the quilting :)

  4. Oh my gosh, how PERFECT is the pantograph!!! Those animal designs are TOO CUTE but I refuse to get sucked in! LOL

  5. Yes it is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. It is very fun to sew. Making each Fox different was how we approached our quilt. My daughter picked the fabrics and I sewed the foxes. We gave it as a gift for a new baby. I used grey flannel between the foxes so it was super soft! I love your fox pattern you are quilting on it. I went for a simple wiggle. Have fun! K-

  6. That's adorable, I love Elizabeth Hartman's quilt patterns, I have a couple on my to do list 👌😍

  7. The foxy quilting is so perfect--very cute!!

  8. So cute. I love the fox and the quilting.

  9. That fox quilting is just the ticket and really makes the quilt.

  10. That foxy quilting worked out so well. Beautifully done!

  11. What a great quilting design.

  12. Cute panto and perfect for that quilt.


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