Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday Archives #192 :Pin Cushions

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
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This week's theme is: "Pin Cushions"

I few weeks ago, while searching for new Tuesday Archive themes, I saw these adorable cactus pin cushions at Diane's Butterfly Threads Blog and just thought they were adorable! 
Diane has a complete tutorial on her blog. Click HERE to check it out.
She also made these fun selvage pincushions too!
I seriously don't know why I haven't made more pin cushions. I think I may have two to link this week? Hmmm....I'll have to search my archives. Diane shared even more links with me, that I'll be sure to include in out linky party below. Thanks for helping me with this week's highlights Diane and Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Pincushions, I have lots of them. And I have more than hundred posts on my blog about them. Here I've linked three of them. So Nice to see those selvage pincushions, just like mine.

  2. I've never made one and generally don't use them lol I just have bowl full of pins on my sewing desk, cutting table and ironing bench. Maybe one day...

  3. I added the tutorial I wrote for our longarm association's Chicken Pincushions, it has a download pattern too. We made 400 of these for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium several years ago.

  4. I just linked up and realized my pincushions are from 2015. I might need to make a couple more.

  5. I've made one pincushion, more than thirty years ago now. I still use it every day in my sewing room. There are definitely some fun patterns out there now.


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