Saturday, July 6, 2013

Inaugural Piggy Bank Savings= Money for Fabric!

Create yourself a "mini" fabric savings fund!

Two years ago I bought this little silver piggy bank to collect laundry change (and extra change from around the house). Last summer, he was full and I cashed in at $102.45! I, of course, put my "savings" to good use and stocked up on fabric!!!

Well, once my husband found out how much I saved in my  little piggy bank he started his own "bank of change".But, he also read somewhere that if you throw in a dollar or even five dollar bill once in a while, you can literally double your savings.
So this morning we went to one of those Coin Star machines at the grocery store and cashed in! 
  • His jug was full and came to $97.71 in coins with a five dollar bill and five one dollar bills. Grand total of: $107.71! 
  • My little piggy was not very full of change (as I was just putting most the change from around the house in his  jug).  I had a grand total of $12.81 in coins. But! I had $40.00 in bills. You know what that means: $52.81 for fabric shopping!!! Woot! Woo!  
  • In one year of saving change and throwing in one and five dollar bills every now and then, we had a grand total of $160.52! Serious! 

But now I'm wondering, are you a "coin saver" , and if so, comment if you have cute piggy bank too? 

Onto...starting our Annual Piggy Bank Challenge: 

Well, our "change banks" are now empty and Bill has exclaimed that the coin saving "competition" in on! As when we were walking out of the grocery store, he turns to me and says: "Don't put anymore money in my jug, let's make it a contest to see  who can save the most change by next summer!" I'm thinking: "Okay...but does he remember I'm the one with little stashes of money everywhere?"

My "penny pinching" history:

I've always been a saver. Aside from my pig above, I also have my "Loose Change" jar....which filled quickly when the girls lived at home, especially when our youngest worked in a coffee shop and would sometimes forget a tip here and there in her pockets.

 I don't blame you if you are laughing right about now. I'm kinda laughing at myself as I write this post. But, I do admit, my piggy banks are my "bonus" funds. For some reason, I've always loved having a piggy bank.

Below is a picture of  my very first piggy bank. Serious! I use to love how it was the color of a penny and shaped like a shoe. I use to really  love that I needed a "key" to open the bottom. Now THAT in itself  made saving money fun! This little shoe secured my babysitting money and allowance. LOL!!

Aside from fabric, I do enjoy using my yearly "coin savings bonus" to purchase that new rotary cutter or beautiful pair of Geiger scissors. When I was young, I'd treat  myself to crafty things. I guess you can say crafting has always kept me sane. I mean, I remember using my "savings"  to tag along with my mom to the local Sprouse-Reitz Store. (remember those!)  and buy embroidery threads in every color and this pattern: (remember when patterns cost 49 cents??)

 I spent that middle school summer making this:
And I remember thinking I was something else when I wore this shirt to school the next Fall. I thought I was pretty talented. (Typical middle school confidence!!LOL!!) Ironically, it was that seventh grade year I took my first Home Ec class and started to learn how to sew!

So, as the saying goes: a penny saved is a penny earned
Please comment and share: what would you treat  yourself to with a "coin savings bonus"of  $52.81?? Annndddd....remember to share if you are a coin saver and love to use a piggy bank too!
Happy Saturday and happy coin savings!


  1. It makes sense, to save your cents. I'm inspired to get one of my own going. Wouldn't it be funny if I saved more than the both of you??? :)

  2. It really added up! Let me know if you start one! (Especially since you don't have to use change to do laundry anymore!) Yah!

  3. hubs and I do that with an old popcorn tin "bank". we save change from our pockets and also add money from cashing in cans. we used to get a meat bundle for the freezer with the money!
    as of now we have $67 dollars in it. we counted and rolled the change last night. how funny! great minds think alike


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