Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Joy!

Our grand-guy is visiting with us until we bring him home on Christmas Eve.
His Poppi treated him to this special Reindeer pancake breakfast this morning:

He loves Rudolph this year and was over the moon happy! Nothing better than that to remind me of the true Joy of Christmas than to see it through the eyes of an energetic four year old.

He's of course, counting down the days until "Santa" arrives and in the mean time,
is keeping his Meme and Poppi hopping as they too begin to count down the days to Christmas. (LOL!) But having a little one around this time of year always reminds me of the true Joy of Christmas. I forgot how little ones find delight in everything we do and how they love to help. 
He's helped Poppi bake cookies and...

...they even enjoyed putting a Gingerbread Train together. 
(Of which Jackson ate half of it while we were at a Christmas party!!! Luckily he did not get sick. )

Heck!  I finally got him our of his Christmas jammies. I enticed him with a warm bubble bath of green and red glow sticks, as we returned from one of our Winter walks to the park down the street.
I have to note, that he and Jackson have been inseparable! This was both of them by 8:00 pm:  

As you can imagine, not much sewing this week, but I'm happy to have had my hand stitching to enjoy during our afternoon Christmas movie time. It's comforting to just sit and stitch as I rest in-between the energy spurts of a dog and a little boy that fills our home right now. 
I sure hope that the Joy of Christmas is filling your home in one way or another. 
We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

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  1. So cute! love that Breakfast presentation! Merry Christmas Val

  2. Oh, that is just too cute, your little guy is adorable.

  3. Oh what fun! Love that Rudolph pancake. Enjoy your holiday time with your little guy (I guess not so little now that he is a big brother). Having little ones around does really remind you of the joys of the holiday.

  4. He has his Poppy's cheeky smile :)
    Merry Christmas!

  5. A very special relationship is clearly developing between dog and boy! Love the Rudolph breakfast :) Merry Christmas!

  6. So much fun! My son, same age as your grand guy, also loves Rudolph! I don't have any strawberries or I'd make this in the morning. Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas Val! What great holiday memories :)

    I love the bacon antlers. I might just have to try those Christmas morning!

  8. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Merry Christmas to all of you (and a nice long nap for Meme and Poppi after).

  9. Oh, that picture of the brothers by the tree... SEW sweet!!!

  10. OMG those two are too cute. Being with little ones, especially during the holidays are amazing.

  11. OH MY GOODNESS! This was a sweet read. Oh the joy of a little one at Christmas. My grandbabies both arrived tonight and one daughter had a friend make them matching pajamas complete with a Santa hat for little Ira and an old ladies sleeping cap for Arie. Oh my heck what a joy they are to watch grow! I love that your husband made cookies and a gingerbread train with him. I LOVE the photo with him holding the baby!

  12. Merry Christmas-such a sweet post-I really enjoyed all of it-hugs

  13. And a very merry Christmas to you! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Love those little boys!

  14. Such sweet children and grandparents. ;) Merry Christmas!

  15. This was just over-the-top adorable :) I guess that Jackson wanted his share of the train!


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