Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy March!

Wrapping up another work week, looking forward to the weekend ahead. For no particular reason, except for the fact I can spend some time in my studio with the freedom to let inspiration take hold. 
Play Ball: FMQ on a Project Linus Quilt I quilted last year.
I'm starting a new month making no lists. I have no expectations. (Though yes, I may have plenty of UFO's)  I was admittedly inspired by my students yesterday as I watched them tackle a creative project. As I watched, I was reminded how important it is to just let my own creative spirit flow. How important individuality is. How creativity shouldn't be limited to a set "to do" list. 
(Though those lists DO help keep my jabillion ideas organized! LOL!)
But, lately I have been feeling limited and uninspired. I've been playing with many creative ideas in my head that aren't even about quilting.  I've been toying with the idea of giving the ol' blog here a face-lift.....a new design and name that aren't limited to quilting, as I really like blogging but think I'd be  inspired by a new name.  So this weekend, this month, I'm just going to {Play} in my studio and with my blog.  I'm going to let my creative juices lead the way.
 I'm going to enjoy the process and look forward to how things evolve.
March themes are listed on the sidebar.
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  1. Good morning, I think you will love that approach much better less stress. Over the years I have ready many friends lists of ufo's, and gotta do this or that--too much stress for me takes away all the fun Have an awesome weekend

  2. That's pretty much how I've tackled this year. WIPs are not a priority except the BOW quilt along I host. Everything else is done based on a "what do I feel like doing" approach, it's helped me totally declutter my studio by cutting tons of scraps up and sorting through fabrics I no longer need and donating them.

  3. Sorry - computer is giving me a bad day. Enjoy your no-list day and be happy in your creativity

  4. Playing in your studio sounds great. And I love the themes in your linky party this month.Have a nice weekend.

  5. That's my approach! Doing what makes you happy is the way to go.

  6. I'm a "no list, no schedule, no goals" kinda quilter myself :) Every once in a while I get up against a real deadline, and it sorta takes the fun out of it for me. I hope you enjoy your relaxed non-schedule!

    I really like the "play ball" FMQ writing on this quilt! Such a cute idea with the soccer ball fabric. Your stars look nice and even, too! I find them quite tricky and mine tend to be teensy tiny and cramped looking.

  7. It's great to have no plans. Just do what you feel like for a change and see what ends up.. have fun.. I am quilting this week

  8. Awesome! I'm doing similar...just playing in the sewing room. I'm making a bookshelf quilt for the daughter of a friend, and am having so much fun just improvising making the books and knick knacks. :)

  9. yes go with something that just pops into my mind and feel free to do what you want wonder what you will create will be waiting to see what happens

  10. Sounds like a very relaxing and yet challenging month ahead. Enjoy!

  11. Students can teach us lots of things! Have fun playing!!!


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