Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tackling Some WIP...

We were awoken at the crack of dawn with a truck delivery of wood for our patio extension.
As you can imagine, our little guy was quick to jump out of bed 
to watch  all the trucks and trackers in our driveway!

We spent the rest of this rainy morning hanging out together in the studio. 
He busy playing Paw Patrol near by.

Me happily sewing and getting caught up on my Scrap Dance Mystery:

After squaring up all those Half Squared Triangles, I now have a wonderful bowlful of scraps to refill my thread bird feeder...just in time to welcome Spring and the birds back to the yard.
Displaying ssewingscraps.jpg

But, now it's time to take a break for some painting as I hear a little someone 
pitter patter up the stairs exclaiming: "Please meme, can we do this now?"
I mean seriously, who am I to resist such charm!
Aiming to start quilting another WIP this afternoon once you know who takes a nap unless of course, Meme ends up taking a nap too. (Which is most likely!

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. Oh, look at that face! What a fun project to do together - enjoy!

  2. Sounds like such a good time with your grandson. Jackson is looking so hopeful in that pic...LOL

  3. So cute! Jackson looks interested in the scrap bowl, he probably thought it was food, LOL!! Have fun! Great progress on your Scrap Dance Two Step!

  4. So adorable! Did he want to paint the bank to look like Jackson?

  5. He is really such a cutie! ;))) WOW--a lot of squaring up for sure...I was able to finish sewing the tops of my Dresden Wedges this morning and putting them into sets ready to be ironed and sewn...there will be 8 in all...hugs, Julierose

  6. No....that face cannot be resisted. Have the best day!

  7. omigosh do whatever that little precious thing wants! :) That is what grandparents are for, right? :) Adorable. Thanks for the smile!

  8. Holy smokes!!! I was just catching up on some blog reading and wow did I miss a LOT here! So happy to hear the good news, and so much fun to see this adorable kid! Jackson is cracking me up with his photo bomb of the thread bowl photo, he refuses to be left out. LOL
    So happy for you and the whole family!

  9. How could you resist that face???

  10. how good to have your GS staying. I must get my scraps out for the birds, the blackbirds are singing their heads off at the moment and chasing the females

  11. Getting that patio just in time for spring., You, Grandson and Jackson can have breakfast out there.
    It's a shame I can remember Jackson's name and not the Grandson. Tell me again. Mine are all grown and
    busy dating or raising my Great Grands. I don't see them anymore. Kinda sad the way that happens.
    I'll just enjoy watching yours.

  12. What a cutie! And I love your bird nest scrap idea.

  13. So many cuties! Jackson and that Grandson!!!

  14. Sewing and hanging out, sounds like it was great week.

  15. I certainly couldn't resist that adorable little face!


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