Monday, March 19, 2018

A Springtime Walk??

Noooottttt exactly. I spent the weekend visiting our daughter and her family. We awoke to a skiff of snow yet had already had signed up for a Saint Patty's Day 7k along the Snake River Rim Trail. 
So we bundled up and conquered the cold below 32 degree weather.

I wasn't so bad once we got going and the sun peaked out every now and then from behind the clouds. We gradually got to the 2 1/4 mile turn around spot: Evel Knievel's Ramp.

My grand-guy and I even conquered the "mountain" that was built as the base for his ramp.

With a four mile walk behind us, Dad took the boys home and my daughter and I took advantage of no kids to get our Easter shopping done...and well, enjoy a green beer just for the fun of it! 

Oh Guess who is already four months old!? THIS little guy!

And big brother continues to grow like a weed:

It was a relaxing weekend just spending time together.
I have a quick four day work week ahead then can look forward to Spring Break! I'll  be spending more time with these two grand-guys and of course, enjoy some R and R as I catch up on my sewing.
Wishing you a great start to your week and look forward to sharing some projects with you soon.

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  1. You all were very brave, I probably would have opted for a latte and just watching the rest of the crowd!

  2. great post and congrats on your 7k I am still doing a 5k loved all the photos

  3. What a fun family weekend!! Your little guys are so adorable. I always think babies look somewhat like little old men (whether they are boys or girls) and that always makes me smile. Have a nice week and a wonderful spring break. I am heading to Vermont for family time over the break and CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

  4. How lovely spending a weekend with your grand guys! Your little guy looks like a happy chappy. Enjoy your Spring break, lovely Val.

  5. Good job braving that cold! We got about ten inches of snow here overnight so I stayed indoors today. Those grand guys are too cute 😍❤️

  6. Good for you (and everyone!) for doing the walk! Looks like you had a really special time.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed such a wonderful weekend with family, especially with the little ones! They grow up SO FAST... Was just looking at pictures of my teenagers from back when they were sweet and "fun sized" like that. :-)

  8. I LOVE seeing the grand babies! Looks like a wonderful visit.


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