Monday, March 5, 2018

Piggy Bank Challenge Mid-Point Check

I was actually "digging into" my piggy bank a week or so ago to gather some change to play cards with my hubby...when I suddenly realized we have already hit the mid-point of our Piggy Bank Savings for this year. And while I realize I'm not suppose to be taking money out, I did replace it plus another two dollars when I won a few card games. LOL!

Since then , I've been more intententional of gathering my change and plunking it in.
About twenty bloggers are participating. (Click here to check out the sign-up post.)
But! It's never to late to start saving and join in! Just comment below if  you decide to join us. I'm looking forward to your comments today to see how you're doing with the challenge and what you are dreaming of doing with new found cash this July??

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  1. My name is not on the list but I have been adding to mine again.

  2. MY tin feels quite heavy. I'm not sure how I will spend the money this year but I will have fun visiting my favourite quilt shop

  3. I have been doing well. I have a lot of coin and was just thinking that it might be fun to start rolling it to see how much I have so far.

    I am not sure what I plan on buying. I am on a "no fabric" plan since January because I have enough stash to choke a whole herd of horses! LOL Of course I am making an exception for borders, backing and batting. . . . if I really want something specific.

    I am going to a Ricky Tims conference in May. . so I may break into the piggy bank early for that, if necessary.

    My other thought is to roll it over and keep saving for one of those antique spool cabinets. . . that could take a couple of years to accomplish.

  4. I am still adding to my jar. Notvery much though. I'm tending to use my change for my morning coffee on the way to work.

  5. My bear (aka piggy bank) is not looking too full. Sigh...

  6. Boo. I quit working in August last year and there went all my change! My jar is really sad compared to last year’s bumper crop!

  7. I have been busy adding to my Piggy Bank and at the moment have £90 (approximately $125) Still not sure what I will be buying with it, but will see how much at the end and then decide. Unfortunately the big quilt show in August in the UK I am not able to go this year as we are away on our annual family holiday and that is usually where I buy quite a bit of fabric so will have to see. Hugs, Susie (Quilt Creations) x


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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