Friday, March 7, 2014

Flying Geese

Every morning, on my walk to school/work this week,
I've been kept company by 1,000 of geese flying overhead:
I smile at the idea that Spring is on it's way.
 I find myself daydreaming about making a quilt of liberated flying geese, kinda Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston style. Perhaps throwing in a few of these little guys too...
Wishing you a day sprinkled with a little inspiration among the routine. 


  1. very cool! our wild turkeys are back-checking out the cracked corn-so spring is around the corner here too

  2. I love it when I hear the geese flying over head the sound is so wild. Haven't heard nor seen any around here yet and we are on the flyway for bird migration, maybe soon. I had the opportunity to meet Freddy Moran last year and we had a lovely chat as she was sitting all by herself in an empty hall with her fabulous quilts! Check out my blog labels and you can see some of her wonderful work for inspiration and her smiling face too.

  3. How creative!! Love your liberated goose! Wishing spring comes soon for you, it has sprung too early here... yup I'm complaining cuz I know that 100+ weather is around the corner. . . going to have to start migrating like the geese!! LOL

  4. This has been one of those days where I have made mistake after mistake. I did FINALLY finish one more block for my Vintage Revival quilt. 4 left...woohoo. I think your “little guy” would fit well with liberated flying geese. He is soosooooo cute. He is making me smile. Have gotten binding on Chicken quilt...have it on our cute. Hope you have a nice weekend my friend. genie

  5. Oh Val...I love that little birdie! Your idea sounds like a real hit. I say go for it!!

  6. What a neat sight to see each morning. We have a wildlife management area close to our home...the geese flock to those lakes each year. It is amazing. A beautiful site to see.
    (love those colorful little birds you have made.)

  7. The geese look amazing. Where are they going?
    I love your little bird.

  8. The birds are returning to our area, too, and it makes me smile because surely Spring is close at hand. Oh wait - the tulips are popping up already (unheard of for this neck of the woods), so Spring surely must be here!

  9. The sun is shining this morning and I noticed lots of ducks on the lake. Spring is coming!

  10. We've been seeing Robins too. FAT ones. Geese and ducks comin' home.
    LeeAnna Paylor


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