Friday, August 1, 2014

Aughhh....a great vacation!

Thank you for all your kind comments wishing me a great vacation.
A week spent with family and especially this little grand-guy, re-energized me!

It was nice to get up early with him through the week and enjoy some 
slow stitching as he snacked and the others slept in. 

I almost finished an entire block of my wool BOM too:
It's hard to believe it's August 1st. When I read on someone else's blog: "Summer is coming to a close." I wanted to scream: "Nooooo!" But I still have two weeks until I return to school...and right now, this weekend will find me thinking of August goals and oh! preparing a post so Jackson can participate in the Pets on Quilts Show which starts tomorrow! (If you have a cat or dog you should join us!) So until then, I'm off to catch up on that lovely pile of vacation laundry and I also need to stop by the County Fair to see how our Classroom Quilt did!
With smiles,


  1. Isn't that little guy cute!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and got some stitching time in too!

  2. What a wonderfu baby! It seems you are having great holidays! I love your wool block! Greetings.

  3. Oh look wonderful. Aren't the grand babies special? Welcome home, take your time getting started again. Bask in the afterglow.

    1. After glow is right!!! Just love being a grandma!

  4. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me! What a lucky guy to have such a fun grandma!!

  5. Welcome home! It is amazing what family, fun and food can do for one. He is just adorable! How nice to get up early and have that special time. Yep, your face tells us all what a great time you had. Keep us posted about your fair quilt.

  6. Yay! Such fun! Where do the summer days go so fast!!! I am not blinking!

  7. Looks like a sweet little guy and I'm sure you had a blast! And I hope school is treating you alright too.


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