Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Archives #34: HALLOWEEN!

Created by Nancy at Patchwork Breeze.

Hey fellow blog friends!!! It's time for our Halloween version of:
I also updated our themes. Check out my side-bar for November's list. 

Val's Quilting Studio

Our highlighted blogger this week is Nancy who blogs at Patchwork Breeze. Serious, look at this adorable jack-o-latern: A small ppp used in the wavy banner (as seen on her post here). She designed this herself and you can check out her pattern on PatternSpot.com


  1. My only Halloween stuff was Ghastlies and those were shown. Not something I decor for.

  2. I guess I have used up my linky Halloween posts as well. The only scary thing I have going on right now is my messy house from too much sewing (ha ha). Thanks again for your weekly linky. I'll be back.

  3. sorry I do not do scary but will enjoy seeing what others have done

  4. Scary?? Who said anything about scary? Halloween is fun, fantasy and candy! Thanks Val as always

  5. Fun! I already showed my Halloween quilt on a previous Tuesday but I am looking forward to seeing these ladies works! Happy Halloweem!

  6. Oh fun Halloween blocks!! I'll be doing a Halloween post on Friday.


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