Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Archives #99: The Alphabet!

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
The linky party that let's you rejuvinate OLD blogging posts.
Val's Quilting Studio
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This week's theme is: The ALPHABET! 

Now how long has it been since you guys sang your ABC's??
This week we'll be singing them here at Tuesday Archives!
Today we get to skim through our archives and rejuvinate  any of  our projects (whether they be embroidery, wool, or even sewn) that showcase the alphabet. (No matter what language)
And, a quick thank you to everyone who has already joined in on the conversation at my:
Why do you quilt? post yesterday. I'm so inspired reading everyone's comments and grateful to know I'm in such good company when it comes to this hobby of ours. If ya haven't had a chance, stop by and share why you quilt by clicking right here.


  1. Thanks for hosting the linky, Val! It appears that I'm like everyone else...I quilt because I can! I did start out quilting with a purpose...a gift for someone else typically. But now...just because.

  2. This subject is so popular! I love quilts with letters and words! Just FAB!

  3. Lots of spelling going on with these!


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