Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Archives #102: Bags

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
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This week's theme is: BAGS

My favorite "bag" to make are these little "snap" bags:
 The pattern is all over pinterest and the internet or ya can click right here for a quick tutorial . 
All's ya need is two coordinating fat quarters, 2 three inch squares for the prairie points and 2 eight-inch pieces of 1 inch width, metal tape measure. They literally finish up in a snap and are the perfect carry with you 8"x 6" size. I've made them for weddings, baby gifts, make-up, jewelry and just "thinking of you" gifts. I even sold a few when I had an Etsy shop.


  1. Val, I love your Tuesday archives, it's such fun to see what the week's theme will be and then delve through my own past projects as well as the work of others. Have a great week - Chris :D

  2. You've made pretty little bags. They're versatile and great gift material. People must love receiving them from you! Thank you for the link party and have a great week!

  3. I love your beautiful bags. So great to have some for prsents when you need it.

  4. I was given one of these years ago and it remains my favorite little bag. Your versions are super cute.

  5. Val, I love your colourful and happy snap bags. So many fun fabrics. I look forward to having a bo peep at other ladies' bags.

  6. Hey Val! Thanks for visiting and adding me! I came by for another visit just in time to add my own link. (This new friendship is really working out for me.) Thanks for hosting the linkup. I'm going to enjoy checking out some lovely bags but first the snap bags.

  7. thanks for reminding me about using a metal tape measure for these had forgotten that they work so well. Lovely bags you have made

  8. Bright and colorful, perfect bags!

  9. Those are pretty cool, little bags. I have not been brave enough to tackle making a bag yet. Isn't that silly?

  10. Those little snap bags look like so much fun to make and use. I started looking for a post about my adventures with bags and just realized that I never wrote about them. Oh well. I'll enjoy everyone else's.

  11. Well, Val, I couldn't take it! I had to make one of these snap bags. Of course, I didn't print the pattern, so I made it up as I went along. (I had read the directions on the computer.) And it worked fine. I forgot about the tabs, but it still works. I really like these! I'm going to have to try another one...or five and make one for each of the girls in my family. It was fast and easy. Imagine if I follow directions how much better they can be! Thanks so much for the link!


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