Friday, September 22, 2017

Superhero Walk-A-Thon

Introducing our new class of "Super Second Graders"!

Okay Ladies, we are never too old to wear a tutu! (OMG!!)
 My cooperating teacher keeps me young and I truly love her for that!

This is our annual fundraiser for misc. classroom supplies. 
It's fun and makes for a great Friday.

I hope you'll stop by this weekend as I'm looking forward to sharing the beginnings 
of my grand guy's Spiderman quilt with you.  I even took the little guy fabric shopping
with me and he helped me pick out ALL the fabric! So fun and he was so decisive.
Yes! He has TWO suckers in his mouth. Oh man! I love being a grandma! He ended up sharing one with me and of course, I'm practically immune to kid germs, so I enjoyed it right along with him. 

He knew immediately THIS was the fabric he wanted for the back. 
(Good thing I DID bring him, as I would have picked the Spiderman one!) He loves his superheros and could name every one them on this fabric! He played with the fabric all day, rolling himself up like a burrito, making tents and sharing with Jackson. 
The fabric is now all washed and ready to be put on the quilting frame. I'm predicting my little grand guy has a new "favorite" quilt in his very near future. What do ya think?

I specialize in edge to edge pantographs with over 100 designs to choose from.

Check out my Long-Arm Quilting page for details.
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  1. Oh wow.. they always pick something different to you. At least he will love the one chosen...

  2. Looks like you take fun wherever you go! And yes, if you survive the first year, teachers are pretty immune to kid germs. Mom was retired from teaching 10 years before she got a cold.

  3. He is such a cutie! Is his new quilt a couple layers of fleece? And I love the tutu.

  4. You can still rock a tutu!
    Sweet grand guy, and he is so helpful. Choosing the fabrics is sometimes the hardest part, I think.

  5. Love the tutu. I so wish we did something like that at work. Your grand guy has a good eye for fabric and with his fabric choices and you making the quilt it will be fabulous.

  6. I'm smiling picturing your grandson rolled up like a burrito in that fabric! :)

  7. You ladies really rocked the tutus! I hope you raised a lot of money for your classroom.

    The boys are adorable laying on the superhero fabric.

  8. It is so fun to see what they pick out. Have fun finishing this one up.


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