Saturday, September 21, 2013

Garage Sale Find!

While out for my Saturday Morning walk, 
I came across a few yard sales and found this:
It measures about 18"Dx13"Hx13"W and totally matches the card catalog I store my ribbon in as highlighted in this post: Ribbon Storage. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it...I just knew I had to have it for my studio! (LOL!!) And I got it for $10.00! I'll be sure to highlight it's storage outcome on a future Sunday Organizing post. 
With Smiles!
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  1. Aww, Val, how cute is this? And it has the perfect color for my studio. Too bad I cannot hop into a plane and steal it from you. ;-)

  2. I thought your other card catalogue was cool, but too large for me, so I wasn't too envious. But this one is just the right size for me and I really want it. If you lived near by I would definitely be trying to buy it off you. Great find.

  3. That is adorable!! What a lucky find, I look forward to seeing what it gets used for, because you are sooooo organized!

  4. I know I'm so organized...but sometimes I think it's just cause I like to do so many things and it's my only way of keeping order. LOL!!!!

  5. Val.. How cute!! I loved those in the libraries..even went home and tore paper to make the "cards" and wrote title etc from the books I had to make my own card catalog! What a lucky find! You'll have to share what you do with it!


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