Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Organizing: Thread

Welcome! Well, if  you are familiar with my Organizing methods, 
you already know I organize my fabrics my color.
The same rule applies to my threads:

Long-Arm Spool Storage:

We found this shelf in a thrift store years ago. 

Applique Thread: 

I still need to get some bobbin covers as 
I always have strands of  thread handing out... 

Perle Cotton for wool projects:

I use an embroidery case for these.
As highlighted here: Perle Cotton Storage
And finally....

Thread for Piecing:

I typically use a light lavender or grey thread when piecing. 
Black with black and white with white.
These spools are kept handy in a jar in my: Counter Tool Storage Spinner

And don't forget, as shown in this previous post: Extra Thread is for the birds!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I am partial to grey thread for piecing as well.

  2. I just got all my thread sorted...and I'm so happy with the result! I enjoyed seeing all your rainbows. (

  3. You'll love it all sorted. And yah...the grey thread just makes everything so simple.

  4. I seem to be quickly accumulating thread since I started actually quilting tops instead of just piecing them... thanks for your great storage ideas!


  5. An email from:

    Love how the fabric color go together... plus they look amazing!

  6. Love your colorful organization! It's very appealing to the eye. I simply have my threads in a plastic box from the store. It works, but isn't pretty at all.

    Popping over from Show & Tell Tuesday!

  7. I'm dying over your rainbow organization here. Brilliant.


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