Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Organizing: WIP Storage

I find myself sorting through things and using my time to wrap up my  2013 Projects. I also find myself curious how you may organize their WIP?? My favorite storage idea is using these ArtBin Totes (you can find them at any of the big chain Craft Stores) They measure 15" square and about 2" deep: 
I love that they stack neatly on top of each other, snap securely shut for safe travel and I can easily label them for quick finding.
Now truth be told, I confess the discovery of a few forgotten WIP. (UhOh! How'd that happen!!) Be curious to see if they make it onto my  2014 "to create" list. But for now, I'm happily finishing an applique wall hanging and a bed quilt that will help cozy up one of our extra bedrooms. My quilting goal for 2013 create a series of quilts for our home. I'm hoping to conclude the year with a satisfying list of quilting finishes to share. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)


  1. Woo! I blogged about this recently so was able to link up. ;-)

    I love using bins for projects I'm working on, it's so easy to pull one out knowing you have everything you need. I am looking forward to eliminating the last of the UFO drawers and baggies and filling them up instead with "kits" for new projects!

    I use ArtBin Totes to store my 2.5" strips as they fit perfectly folded up and laid side wise. We are lucky to have such great storage options these days.

  2. I am constantly finding forgotten WIP's! They are happy discoveries, mostly! ;)

  3. What a great idea. I'll have to look into that once I've got things in a little more order around here.

  4. Yah...I kinda felt reinspired finding projects I had forgotten about...luckily there were only a few.

  5. Do you also store your flimsies the same way?


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