Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Defining myself in a new life chapter...

I am a total Gemini! 

With that said, it's not always easy being me! LOL!!! Just kidding, but it is why I have to get things down on  paper. I have to keep from overwhelming myself with all my ideas and things I want to do! Something fun we do in our household every New Years is read our yearly horoscope.  Hubby and I have been having some conversations about my 25 years as a teacher and "what I want to do accomplish during this "pre-retirement/empty nester" stage of life." (More hubby listening well and me babbling on..and on.....hahaha!!) We couldn't believe how "right on" my "forecast" for the year looks!  Sometimes it's nice to  know all the "planets" are lined up "just right". I did feel a sense of karmic energy, a bit more  inspired, and affirmed in my pondering of ways to incorporate of bit of quilty play into the classroom. I think through quilting there so many opportunities for student's to learn and thus influence the development of esteem and self-expression.  (I think it would be a cool book idea for crafty teachers too!)
So my word my 2014 is:

Here are a few snippets from my horoscope in black and it's boost to me, in red.

  1. Perhaps, the best news of the year is the dramatic shift from work to play. See even the stars want me to play with fabric more at work! LOL!! I've already brainstormed a list of ways to incorporate "quilting" into the classroom to enhance lessons in math, art and even social studies. I'm developing an outline of chapters which could perhaps be turned into that future book, hopefully providing a nifty resource for others to be more creative in their teaching too. (cool right!) 
  2. Think of 2014 as a chance to live out your second (or third) childhood, Gemini! Your creativity is sure to skyrocket in a way that you haven't experienced in close to 20 years. Okay...wow! Life was overwhelming 20 years ago. I was a newlywed, a new teacher, a young mother with two toddlers fifteen months apart, all while battling stage three Hodgins Disease. Today, I live in gratitude and grace. I'm a cancer survivor. I'm a grandmother. I'm a veteran teacher with an established career.  I'm a mother to two young adult daughters and an awesome son-in-law. I'm Celebrating 25 years of marriage to my best friend. I'm a healthy, young, middle ager (LOL!). In reflection, (wisdom really does come with age) those early days made me hold on too tight sometimes. I  approached every day with an sense of urgency. I was anxious. I always worked hard. I nurtured everyone around me, letting little pieces of myself go.  Now, In reflection, I've also experienced the gift of life and learning. I've learned to replace my fears with faith along the way.   I've learned to love, support and forgive. Although, these lesson have come the hard way, and with some loss of relationships along the way. (sad face)I do not have regrets. Life is truly a  gift and a learning process that is irreplaceable. I find myself at a stage of life very unfamiliar but cause for celebration. For in my growth, I have found peacefulness and joy in contentment of self. It's almost like I'm truly being given the opportunity to live out that second childhood! And, I really need to let the playful side of myself come out more and let creativity reign!  Check it out: I truly think quilting has become this outlet. (I love it...and feel I've only just begun in this hobby of ours.) I need to nurture this and enjoy playing with this!
  3. All work and no play was turning Gemini into one cranky camper last year. But not to worry, that level of burnout is so 2013. THIS has been me at work...just blah. Burned out. (I not exactly proud of myself) I took time over this winter break and really looked at our financial picture and estimated how many years I have left until retirement: 13 years. "Okay, so what to I want to accomplish during this time"? I asked myself. "What can I do with my experience?" 
  4.  The beautiful news is that in 2014, you'll find just the right balance between ambition and leisure. You'll be approaching everything creatively in your professional world in 2014. BINGO!  I already have experience in outlining and writing standardized curriculum...but I am really attracted to something "right brained" and unique. I have all the resources I need. I have the time.
  5. This is the best time to take risks in order to expand your earning potential. Hmmm...not sure about this??? I'm just going to start and dedicate myself to enjoying this process. I'm going to have fun and play with the many ideas I have been thinking about. I'll start to document the development and implementation of projects along the way. I'm not going to take myself too seriously! I'm going to play! I mean, I have 13 years to figure it out! LOL!
  6.  If you've been limiting yourself to just plugging along and trying to make ends meet over the past few years, Jupiter has come to assist you in expanding your moneymaking horizons. Chances are, there are many opportunities you've been overlooking  Guilty as charged! A few years ago I made a decision in my teaching career to return the classroom after some leadership roles. Honestly, this is where my heart belongs. This is what comes natural to me. This is what I'm good at. Teaching is my Work of Heart. Yet, admittedly, I have been just plugging along this past two years.  So, Juniper you go ahead and assist away! I've had many ideas for "teacher books" before, but this one is already flowing easily as I merge my creative and professional lives. The ideas are continuous, yet concrete and I'm having fun already just playing with these!  
  7. But now is the time to really dream large-scale.  Me, write a book? Why not? You always hear: It's not the destination, but the journey that matters most.  Life is one of those wonderful journeys in my book! Today, I share this first step in my next chapter of life in hopes to inspire you to do the same with your own desires and "Works of Heart" no matter what chapter of life you find yourself in! Just start. In my experience, the end reward has always been better then I could have ever imagined! I will document  my progress under the labels: Life and Learning, and Classroom Quilts.  
I guess you can say I'm my own WIP.  
But aren't we all?! And really, how wonderful is that! (Smiles)
If you are still here, reading, wow... thank you!!! 
I'm just processing...documenting and sharing this, the first step in a playful, new chapter of life.  

"Oh Happy Day" for sure!!
With smiles!
Val and Jackson


  1. Wow, the horoscope matches up with your goals nicely. I'm glad it has provided that extra bit of motivation and reassurance for you to leap into to the new year with a new endeavour. Best of luck. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Willit!!! We can all use a little extra reassurance every now and then...smiles!

  2. Hi Val, I think its a good idea putting down our thoughts on paper-it has always worked for me-and one of the reasons I started blogging too-I was retired and had moved down here to a new enviroment, was a bit overwhelmed-didn't know anyone, hubby was ill at the time-so just writing it all down was really helpful-and I met lots of new and wonderful friends along the way.

    1. Exactly! I've always been a goal setter, list maker, ambitious sort. Writing it all down and kinda processing through what I "want to accomplish" kinda takes the load of my shoulders and actually gives me freedom of creative expression....to play! Thanks Kathy!

  3. Jackson seems like the type of fellow who would go along with your new word for 2014! Ready to play! Me too! Thanks for sharing, Val.

  4. AN email from my mom that just made my day:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blogs. Especially the Gemini one. Where you come up with allthis amazes me. You have accomplished so much. All your quilting, teaching and now your blogs. Keep it up. I love it. Mom

  5. Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead! Enjoy :)


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