Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspired to Play and Create!

Sometimes, the greatest gift I receive every day is to see life through the eyes of  my seven year old students! Winter break is over and it's back to teaching this week. Which means recess duty at 10:15am every morning managing a playground of primary student who are soooooo exciting it's continuing to snow and snow and snow. (Huh! A week ago I was  still in my flannel pj's, warm and cozy, finishing my morning coffee, enjoying the quiet, getting ready to sew.) Well, A bunch of kids gathered together in a huddle is never a good sign. I decided to wander over to "investigate" the excitement. I can not tell you how proud I was to find a large percentage of my second graders cooperating together to build not a snowman but.... 

...a snow family! There is a dad, a mom and even a....


Oh! And upon further explanation, a child...the mom is pregnant! 
(Yes! I  tried to hide my surprise and laughter.)
 All's I could think was: "Wow!" I was speechless.
They  truly inspire me to play and listen to my own seven year old self! 

When I questioned them on "when" all this happened, they unanimously exclaimed that they "have been working together for two days"."Soo and so  brought the red scarf and soo and so brought the hat and purple scarf". Again, these are children who do not have a lot, and here they are bringing items from home to make a snow family with their friends during their school recess!!! They were proud. They were supportive of each other. They bragged about those that brought in the "finishing touches". 
They were cooperative.

 They truly inspire me to see the best in everyone and everything! In response, all's I could do was pull out my camera a take pictures to post in our classroom as now they want to write a "story" about their snow family. I better get busy getting pictures printed. Tomorrow is our writing workshop day and won't they all be surprised to each receive pictures of their "snow family".
Life is good. Especially when seen through the eyes of a child.
With smiles!


  1. what a special story Val-I love it that you shared this with us-I love the puppy-too sweet!
    Oh and I finally found my mermaid-its a vintage czech glass violet button-so thrilled to have her-photos on my blog- have a great writing day tomorrow-and hug for all the 7 year olds-

  2. That is wonderful Val, thanks for sharing the joy :-)

  3. I'm sooooo glad you guys found the joy in this post...sometimes it's hard to put those genuine experiences into words.

  4. Moments like that are why I'm so happy to become a teacher!!

  5. What a lot of fun! The pregnant snow-lady is priceless!! The children in my class would be so jealous - we had snow forecasted twice last winter but it never arrived (and even if it does, it is only about once every three-four years that there is enough to even make a baby snowman!) Good to know some of you guys over there are able to have some fun with the extreme weather conditions that so many states are experiencing!

  6. I love it. It brings back memories of my own childhood (not the snow, but the corporative building of things). Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is awesome! Those kids are so creative. It's nice that they did not only make one but they made a family. So sweet!


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