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Tuesday Archives #47: Mystery Quilts

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Val's Quilting Studio

Today's theme is Mystery Quilts.

While researching today's topic I began to realize that a mystery quilt might be an antique quilt with an unknown block or patter. Or, perhaps the mystery might be a quilt about which the family history is unknown. (I'm actually reading about one of those types in the Runaway Quilt novel right now!) But I think to many online quilter's a mystery quilt is the fun way to make a quilt and keep the final look a "mystery" until the final steps of assembly.  Now admittably, I have never participated in making a mystery quilt. It makes me anxious to not know what I'm making! LOL!! But here are a couple of  Mystery Quilts made by fellow blogging friends that just may change my mind!

This one is made by Carole who blogs at From My Carolina Home. It's from a QAL she participated in back in May. You can check out her quilt right here.
(I really love her quilting pattern on this too!)

And this one is made my Sharon who blogs at VROOMANS Quilts. This was A Super Bowl Sunday Mystery Sharon participated in last year. You can check out her post right here.
She also shared this with me from her LQS: a free pattern page with past mysteries. http://quiltbug.com/free/default.htm She said they should be having another Super Bowl Sunday Mystery this year. That would be fun! (Go SeaHawks!!!


  1. Mystery Quilts aren't for everyone. I'll only do one if I feel like the sponsors give a good idea of how the fabrics should work together. The well run ones are a lot of fun. I really like seeing how all the different fabric choices work in the final quilt.

  2. I can't handle not knowing, either :)

  3. I often get behind; then I have the fun of playing together with a group and of being in control too. I'd sworn off of mystery quilt projects, then along came the improv one that I shared.

    I enjoyed The Runaway Quilt and all the books in the series that I read.( I think I missed a couple.) I also like the idea that mystery can be more than the current familiar mystery process.

  4. Beautiful mystery quilts Carole and Sharon.
    Our guild hosted a mystery quilt challenge last year. It was fun, easy, and scrap friendly. I chose colors and prints that I felt were young guy friendly. After it was finished, I donated it for one of our guild's charities. It was a most positive experience : )

  5. Thank you, Val, for featuring my quilt! I like a mystery scrappy, you just cannot go wrong!

  6. I love mystery quilts... love love love!
    I will be doing the superbowl mystery again this year too.

  7. I enjoy doing a mystery quilt once in a while also Val!

  8. Both of those quilts are beautiful. I should do more mystery projects.

  9. I love your mystery quilts, Val! They can really be fun.

    I won't do a mystery with freshly purchased fabrics - only from my stash. That way, if I don't like it, I don't feel too guilty.

    I am also fussy about "who" creates the mystery. They have to be a good designer and give you options on how to make the pieces.


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