Monday, February 16, 2015

GYB 2015 Give-Away Winner!

 Late to the GYB announcement party...but with good reason! We got away this long President's weekend to visit our kids and to enjoy some Grandparent time with this little guy:

What a fun month the GYB Event is every year! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog during this event hosted by Vicki at Two Bags Full.  Your comments were fun to read and it's pretty darn exciting to see my own list of followers grow too. I must add, that I added quite a few new blogs to my own blogroll as well. I'm looking forward to another blogging year of continued friendships, along with getting to know a few new friends alond the way!  One of them actually being the winner of my GYB Give-Away...
Image result for giveaway announcement
Kim who blogs at Sarah Lizzies!!! Congrats Kim! I'll be getting this prize sent to ya this week!
Since we just got home, I'm off to get settled into my jammies and prepare tomorrow's Tuesday Archives Post: Ohio Star Quilts. (Oh and watch the Bachelor...I know, I know, but it is admittably my favorite "junk" TV show right now!).
See ya tomorrow.


  1. Hey, Grandparent time is precious and glad you got to enjoy some. How he has grown!! Congratulation to your winner and thank you for hosting.

  2. Oh Val, he is getting so big! He is just so darn cute. So glad you got some snuggle time in. You look great, glad you are up and feeling better.

    1. Thanks Jane. Amazing the difference in surgical procedures these days! I'm feeling great!

  3. Yay for grandparent time! Congrats to Kim for winning your draw, even though I hoped it would be me - ha!
    I've enjoyed this blog hop enormously, and am glad we have connected. :-) Have a great week!

  4. Oh wow.....I must admit I had to blink twice when I saw my name in 'lights'!! I am afraid that my brainpan is a bit slow this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to win your lovely prize; 'tis a happy gal that I am! How lovely you have spent your weekend with your grandson....he is soooo cute. Thank you once again, Val, it is so serendipitous I happened along your lovely blog during the party!

  5. Gee, he's growing up fast!

    Congratulations, Kim. I really like that combination of fabric.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend - precious times Val!

  7. What a fun way to spend Valentine's Day.


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