Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sewing Room Make-Over &Linky

I have only one plan today: to be in my sewing room!
I have those many pieces to prepare and cut for my Modern Rings Quilt.
I want to prep my Polka-Dotted Pinwheels Flimsy to quilt next weekend.
And I plan to enjoy some slow-stitching while watching the Oscar's tonight.
All the while, I know I'll also be thinking of what "finishing touches" I want to add to my studio make-over that has been a WIP.


I had been feeling overwhelmed with "clutter".
And when things get cluttery, I feel less creative.

 I was also tired of how "commercial" looking my space had become and 
found myself reevaluating how I was using my space.

I geuss you can say, instead of Grammy's Sewing Studio being hands off, we also wanted to create  a cozy/inviting area that would accomidate family visits as well. 
So last Fall we took everything out. 
Now THAT in itself was rejuvinating!! I didn't even mind sewing in the livingroom for awhile.
So here's our progress is as of this morning...


My darling husband painted walls and added paneling.
This half of the room in designated as my sewing area and I already love the clean "feel".

So far THIS is my favorite little spot to sit and applique:

And I love how this little section came together:

And for the other side,
 We traded a large recliner for a family sectional. I reorganized and got rid of anything that didn't have to do with sewing. (That glass bookcase was filled with cookbooks, yearbooks from my college days and daughter's highschool years as well as stuff I forgot I even had and didn't need! LOL!) Now my quilting books, fabric and notions fill this beautiful bookcase.


I don't feel like it's finished and have hit a creative block. I'm looking forward to getting ideas from this week's Tuesday Archives Organizational Theme, but if you were my neighbor and we were sitting together stitching, what would you tell me it needs?
I know I'd share with you that this is my "project" list so far: 
  1. Find a large round rug for under the table. 
  2. Redo the chair cushions.
  3. Repaint two of the white chairs...maybe one a turquoise and the other a mustard yellow? (I like the stays!)
  4. Create fun pillow covers to carry the reds, blacks and dots over to the couch area.
  5. Recover large and small ironing boards.
  6. Charm hubby into making another quilt ladder.
  7. Sew a cute "mat" for my sewing machine


  1. How extremely lucky you are to have both a wonderful husband and a terrific, creative place to make quilts!

  2. I love what you have done with this space. So much more inviting than before.. and the new paint color makes the whole space more soothing and not trying to take over the space like the previous yellow color. My suggestion would be more task lighting. You can never have enough!

  3. Your space is lovely. Now if I had the skill level to make slipcovers for the couch, that is what I would do. Either white, red or turquoise, solid not print. Then I would make quilted pillow covers in bright patch-worked colors to toss onto the couch. I've made a slipcover for a wing-back chair. It was not an easy task to get it fitting well, but it was worth all the time and energy. Now when the chair looks dull, I can just toss the slipcover into the washer and drier and it's new again:)

  4. The first thing that came to my mind was quilted pillows, but that is already on your list. I just bought a magnetic white board. Not sure where I'll put it, but it is great for FMQ designs. My friend told me she has one hanging right in front of her long arm. She practices her designs there and writes notes for her current project.

  5. Val lucky you to have such a large space that you can fit some comfy chairs in and even a sectional!!! I am jealous of your space. From looking at your photos the only thing I would really need is some bright white light so I could see better. When organizing my sewing space recently, Mr. P. bought me a huge round flush mount ceiling light that was fluorescent. It's a great bright white light. I should take a pic of it as he installed it after the room was done. He got them at Home Depot and he said they were much cheaper than LED lights. In a room your size you might want to mount 2 or even 3 on the ceiling, perhaps on different switches so if you don't want them all on at the same time you can just flip on one?

  6. I think it looks wonderful. I always dream of a large room with space for visitors or just a space for me to veg in between projects.

  7. Your glass bookcases are the best storage!!! Your space is enormous and cozy--I am so jealous. :0)

  8. I hope you don't mind......I'm showing my DH your pictures and telling him that I want a space just like it when we have a new house! LOL

    I can't think of much to add except to ask if you are sure you have sufficient lighting for all the tasks you plan to do in each area? My biggest complaint in my sewing area is that there is just not enough lighting.

    I have a question, the alphabet quilt on your quilting machine....would you mind telling me the name of the pattern? I think it is wonderful.

  9. I adore all the cheerful color in your creative space, so inviting. You know what I've been doing in my place so I guess great minds think alike!

  10. Wow oh Wow!! What an enormous and gorgeous sewing room, Val!! I am pea green!! Yes a gloriously coloured round rug sitting under your lovely table and chairs would be, love, LOVE your table and chairs....and yes those chairs would look perfect painted in brightly coloured paint....turquoise and mustard works for me. Oh and some colourful, big cushions for your sofa would look perfect and a couple of vibrantly coloured quilts that you seem to whip up in no time at all. How lucky are you to have those wall to wall beautiful glass cabinets......oooh I am swooning. Actually I am finding it a li'l difficult to breathe easily at the sight of your room! I love your gorgeous applique flower quilt hanging on the wall.......actually I love everything. Such a glorious space in which to happily create and to entertain family as well. I would find it difficult to ever leave this happy space!

  11. OMG, what a gorgeous studio! Lucky girl... and enjoy the Oscars, I will as well... maybe!

  12. I like it! I like the fact that there is sitting space for visitors, be they of the human or animal kind. Did I miss something, or where is your cutting table now? That is something I miss in our southern winter home, but the kitchen counter works when needed, as does the L-shaped desk we've constructed of IKEA pieces left over from a wall unit we had in our condo, but have no place for in our "new" home. I use the long part of the L for sewing, and related paraphernalia, and the sort part for a small cutting table. My sewing room up north is a corner of the unfinished basement... one day, I will have one to rival that of my former out west home. Geez Louise, southern winter, up north, out west...sounds like I either move around a lot or have multiple homes! I don't. On both. ;-)

  13. Love your space Val! I'm a terrible finisher so have no suggestions for you... My walls are still pretty bare coming up on 2 years. I just can't decide what I want where. I thought it would come to me over time but guess not! I would love a space to sit like you have actually. A cozy spot to leaf through quilting books or just read a good novel surrounded by quilty love. Enjoy it!

  14. Check out the remnant bin at a place like JoAnn's for home dec weight fabrics for recovering your chair cushions!

  15. Oh Val! I just love what you have done with your space. I looks so inviting. Yes, I love what extras you are planning and what others have suggested. My only question and for me it is a must, where is the TV! I will be binding a quilt while I watch the Oscars. Enjoy

  16. I was looking at your pictures again and I saw the old library card catalog drawers, oh I am very jealous of those ! And the bookcases , so beautiful!

  17. I love your new room! It is so pretty. Your bookcase is absolutely beautiful ! I love the card catalog also what a neat piece. I would put a pretty rug over in your sitting area by the couches and not under the table. I love painted furniture so on your cards I would do the red, turquoise and lime green just because I love those colors. :) hugs,

  18. I really like all of your additional ideas. Especially the addition of some bright and fun cushions on the gray sofa. What about some larger colorful items on top of your glass front storage cupboards? Colorful valances on the windows. Up high so that they don't block any of the light. What about painting the table with a large 6" stripe...white and a bright color. It is a fantastic space. Love the rug idea. Oh, and what about a bright coffee table? Enjoy your new creative space!!!

  19. I actually like a large table in the centre of the room to work on. I can lay out projects, cut easier, anyone stitching with me I am facing and there is plenty of room for my quilt to be supported on the table.

  20. Trust my Val, you would not like to see my work area! :)

    Your room is awesome. It's like your own little sewing hide-away. I've only just been able to make a space that is just my own and for no other purpose, but it is very small and very cluttered. I am sewing at a glass dining table while sitting on a fold-up outdoor chair - it's not the best set up, and not to good for the shoulders, but I love having my own space :)

    1. And if we were having a cuppa, I would just be telling you how great it all is and admiring it all. I don't know what you could possibly add to this :)

  21. It looks great so far to me. I wish I had that much space to work in.

  22. I think what is missing from this picture is me! I'd look great sitting there appliqueing with you and sipping on some refreshments. No seriously, your room looks great, and I love those old wooden drawers - are they from a school library? And the glass shelving is wonderful!

  23. You applique spot and table is so inviting! I'd actually sit there, watch TV and do some needle-turn. Awesome work!

  24. Lovely, Val, what a wonderful space to unleash your creativity!

  25. looks great! love your little table

  26. Oh, my, what a difference a "refresh" can make! I love your idea to paint the chairs in bright, beautiful colours.

  27. Beautiful make over! You'll have such a great time sewing in that space.

  28. Congratulations! What a change in the room! I love how it is cozy and inviting for quilters and quilting guests! That bookcase is amazing! Thanks for sharing this as I am in the midst of designing a new quilting room and love the inspiration! As far as suggestions are concerned, more red would be awesome!


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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