Friday, March 6, 2015

Self-Portrait Quilt Inspiration

In 2012 I made this self portrait quilt:

The blocks were part of a Saturday Sampler created using alot of Mary Engelbreight fabric. The girl was just a Sunday inspiration in the sewing room. I LOVE that she now hangs in my classroom and kicks off each new year with us creating our "self portrait school family wall".
Yes, I have a class size of 28. 

Well, lately the kids have inspired me once again with their drawings of me!
This one was the cover of a get well card back in February. 
So many of their details were "me"...well, except for those hands....hmmmm????

And then there was this one created from the number one-hundred as we celebrated the 100th day of school with a creative project: (Note it was also "hat day"....yes, things are never dull in an elementary school!) Isn't she adorable!
Not that I need to add more to my Quilty To Do List....but a story quilt is always of my mind... 
one that would document my life as a teacher. I think it would be sooo fun to make!
 Do you do that? Have a special project fermenting in the back of your mind?
Speaking of teaching, I just finished a marathon week of parent-teacher conferences and now get to enjoy a three day weekend. Of which will find hubby and I off to the city for dinner and a comedy club this afternoon, then I'm looking forward to a weekend of sewing!!!! YAH!!!


  1. I love this post Val! You have some creative students.

    Enjoy your three days off and your sewing time :)

    1. Love your BB!! Have a wonderful, well deserved long weekend!!

  2. Oh I wish school had been that fun when I was a kid... Love your selfie. So cute. And hat day! love it.
    OOOO I see paper piecing is coming up for the linky party... Yay! I can participate in that one.

  3. You would have been my favorite teacher, Mrs. Reynolds! Love the portrait wall in the class room. Secret project in the back of my mind... a Baltimore Album style quilt starring the Pug Pack!

  4. The portraits look great. Enjoy your dinner in the city. I am enjoying my birthday dinner too. We can celebrate together

  5. Your portrait quilt is adorable! Enjoy your break, I have spring break this coming week and it is MUCH needed!

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts about your little students and quilting. That get well card with you on the front deserves to be made into a quilt block!

  7. I love your quilty self-portrait and the way you surround your quilt with your students' pictures. I think the other pictures of you would be great to do as quilt squares as well. And remember...hands are hard to draw!! ;)

  8. all the portraits are so good! whimsical and Mary Englebreit are my cup a tea! LeeAnna

  9. Val, I adore your self portrait quilt serving as the start of a self portrait wall in your classroom! Love the little 100 portrait too! I swear, our three children had some of the best elementary school teachers you could ever hope for, but I think you take the prize!
    LOL - I always have projects at various stages of fermentation! There are not enough hours in a lifetime are there?

  10. What a fun idea for a quilt!

  11. Its so nice that you bring your quilting to the classroom. You are inspiring me. I may like to try a portrait quilt.

  12. That is the cutest quilt ever! Your classroom must be wonderful!


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