Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slow Stitching & March Goals

So much I could have done today, instead I chose to finish laundry and take advantage of the sun and pull out an old wool stitching project with aspirations to get 'er done! (OMG! I just realized as I am creating this post that this project has been sitting around for a year!!! 
How does that happen??)
Anyhoo, March begins with me wanting to set some quilty goals to rejuvinate my "sewing mojo". And nothing works better for this gal, than a list to check off! LOL! So here I go:
  1. Continue to work on my sewing room make-over. (Thank you btw to everyone for sharing your sewing room spaces and organizational tips this past week!!)
  2. Quilt & bind my scrappy polka dot quilt.
  3. Finish handsewing my wool sampler, then....
  4. Sketch & prep a wool table runner I want to make for my mom's house.
  5. Quilt a top for Project Linus
  6. Enjoy sewing my curved dots...slowly!
  7. Cut eye spy fabric and send happy mail (You know who you are!!)
  8. Finish another commission quilts and get them mailed. (Smiles!!)
  9. Piece, quilt and bind my ABC quilt
  10. Redo Sat. Sampler's into 12" blocks (Reminder to self: You DON'T do small well!)
  11. Research a "sponsorship" for my blog/catch up on everyone's blogs (smiles!)
  12. Jackson gets groomed
  13. Yard: trim roses, thatch yard, tackle weeds, enjoy stitching outside
  14. Fitness: Start treadmill again/daily walks 5xweek
Whew! Thank goodness I have Spring Break coming up! LOL!! This week's Tuesday Archives theme is Original Patterns you designed. Whether it be paper piecing, wool, applique or quilts....I hope ya stop by and rejuvinate some old posts!
 Until then...Happy Stitching!


  1. seeing my list on the wall in front of my computer makes me want to cross things off so I know exactly what you mean!!

  2. I love working from a list. Each task gets a check then I feel so accomplished. Are you my long lost sister?

    Good luck with your goals and I love the looks of that wool project...what is it?

  3. Good luck with ticking your 'to dos' off your list. Alas, I am not a list person....too many things crop up and squeeze their way in; oh well. Your gnome fabric is really cute, they will make an adorable quilt.

  4. I love little wool projects, but I am allergic so have to look - not handle. What a sweet little pile of fabrics for future play.

  5. Glad you are finding your sewing mojo again! Wool is one of my favorite things to work with. Can't wait to see your finished project. Enjoy the sunshine--we had snow!

  6. Hi Val!
    Luckily March has 31 days! :)
    Have fun!
    Take care,

    1. And i have a week off for spring break!!! I can't wait!

  7. It's hard to imagine anyone sitting outside when I think about how cold it is out. :) I just started making a list of projects that I post at the end of each month to keep me focused. Not that the list will get any smaller, I just keep adding new things.

  8. Wow that's some list you have set yourself! But a list always help me focus. Of course I always add one thing that is already done, or almost done! LOL x

  9. Val, I love the color combo of the aqua and red in your pretty little prints ... what fun it will be coming up with a special project for them! :)

  10. It looks and sounds like a lovely day in the Spring sun. Goodluck with your list.

  11. Good luck with your March goals! Enjoy the spring, it's still winter here unfortunately.


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