Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Archives #57: Photo Quilts

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Val's Quilting Studio
This week's theme is: Photo Quilts
Photo quilts are a different way of displaying your favorite family photos. This quilt was created for a special mom by all of her children. Each child contributed their favorite family photos, which included vacation trips, weddings, grandchildren, and other memorable events.

A fabric ‘frame’ was created around each photo and then the squares were assembled. 

The border of the quilt was embroidered with a favorite family 
saying and the names of children and grandchildren.
Photo Quilt example 1
Photo courtsy of http://www.confortaquilts.com/quilts_PhotoQuilts.php


  1. I have never made a photo quilt, but I have quilted a few for my daughter and aunt.

  2. I have never made a photo quilt. I used to sew with an elderly lady who made thecontinuously for a while......kind of put me off, I am afraid!

  3. I have printed a good many photos to fabric for people to make their own quilts, but have not yet made one myself. Huh, have to get on that.

  4. I have a quilt I made when we had a reunion of my husbands family when his grandma passed in 1999. I will have to get a photo of it tomorrow

  5. Woohoo! I made one of these, and was actually able to find the correct post! It was fun to make - thank heavens for fabric you can run through your printer!

  6. Oooh, blast from the past indeed! I never made one per se; however, I did incorporate photos into the labels on two very special quilts, one for my great-aunt's 90th birthday (pic of her at 16 in 1928, and on her 90th in 2002), and the other for my parents' 40th anniversary, with a pic of them on their wedding day in 1959, and in 1999. I will have to look for photos! Thank you for putting my blog on your sidebar!


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