Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Archives #59: Patchwork Quilts

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This week's theme is: Patchwork

Searching through my own archives for this week's post, I think this patchwork quilt I finished in 2013 is my favorite.  I had downsized the original pattern of my Garden Party Wallhanging and had enough fabric left-over to make this full size size quilt to match. I was pretty happy to get two quilts for the price of one! They look great together in our geust room. 
While researching our theme of patchwork this week, it's interesting to see how resources have changed over time in the quilting world. Originally a "patchwork" quilt was to make full use of left-over scraps of fabric. Blocks were intially created individually, accumulated over time, by use of scrap or salvaged material. Designs were geometric and formal or imaginative. Yet, today we can purchase sets of fabric in almost any size from 2" squared to yards. As always, I like to think we are pretty "chill"  around here, so please feel welcome to share any and all of your patchwork quilts that you feel fit the theme.

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  1. Your guest room looks so welcoming with that lovely patchwork quilt on it, and wonderful to have a quilt that matches your wall hanging too.


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