Wednesday, July 1, 2015

H2H Winnings!

Oh my do I love starting the first day of July with a fan of kona brights delivered in the mail!

Along with some1 1/2 yards of  baby flannel and
a 1/2 yard of this white small phrase fabric from the The Chalk Line!

All these were my winnings from the H2H sponsor:
Upon shopping their online shop here are some things I appreciated about their online shop
 and just had to share:
  • I had fun trying out my fabric choices for a quilt block before I bought them on their shopping cart design wall. (Note: Items must be in your cart first. Once I had a few fabrics in my cart and had my very own design wall!) 
  • WOW! LOVE THIS: FREE US shipping-all day, every day, no minimum, no limit, no coupon-NO HASSLE. Buy a pattern, buy a shipping!! PLUS they offer great international rates, including first pound to Canada is free (which would include an order of up to 2 yards of fabric).
  • Shop by color, designer, brand, collection and style (This made my search quick!)
  • Shop by 1/4 yard (love that!)
  • They offer great customer service: We get to preview fabrics that are on the horizon & sign up for email alerts for its arrival. Then they'll send us a  5% coupon code when the fabric is in house. Seriously! No payment in advance. We still get first crack at the fabric we like & save money...oh and don't forget that free US shipping too (I noticed they have the full line of Hello Darling by Bonnie and Camille coming in August)
  • Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount -purchaser can even send a personal message to recipient, and the GC is valid immediately after purchase. 
  • There's free pattern downloads & I noticed there are more FNQ patterns coming soon
  • They also have a virtual show & tell gallery of customer quilts and their own  quilts 
Along with checking out their online shop, also click the picture  below to join their Scrap Quilt Challenge that started today! And who can resist being part of their philosophy:  Just remember this sentence: Make whatever your heart desires, just meet the minimum requirements. .  
Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Challenge
I know I'm looking forward to particiapting. 
And, Hey! Let me know if you decide to join, as it will fun to cheer eachother on.


  1. Great post, Val! I'll be entering some scrap quilts in Shannon's challenge, too - I've been thinking about it ever since last October!

  2. I have some quilts for the challenge this year. Lovely win

  3. Ooh...those bright and happy fabrics you won certainly made me smile. This online shop you waxed lyrical about sounds wonderful!

  4. Nice winnings, Val. Thank you for the review of Fabric n Quilts. While I will certainly give them a visit, I think I need to pass on this challenge. I am trying to complete a backlog of projects and probably shouldn't start another :)

    Happy Friday, my Friend.


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