Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summersville Finish

Another fabric line I fell in love with about a year and half ago, was this Summersville fabric line.

So I bought a layer cake. Well last week while I was going through my pre-cuts, I dusted this one off  and cut into it using this Snuggly Layer Cake Pattern. (Another quick and easy pattern) 
And, since I'm stash busting right now...I used a simple black I had for the back and binding.
Mine finished 39" x  54".
I quilted it with a simple Bubble pantograph using white thread.
It kinda reminds me of kids playing with bubbles during a hot summer afternoon.
Well, I think that completes my list. Whoot Whoo!!!
Jelly rolls and layer cakes sure are pretty to have laying around aren't they?
 But! I'm glad I finally cut into them and now how some cute quilts to cuddle under. 
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  1. Very cute - I had some of the 'sketch' prints in this line - loved them for bindings.

  2. Adorable, Val. The bubbles are perfect for a Summerville quilt. Congratulations on another successful finish!

  3. Sweet quilt and I like those bubbles quilted all over it.

  4. I really like the Summerville line of fabrics. It is great to shop the stash, isn't it?

  5. I love the pattern, it's good to show off those prints! And yay for stashbusting! ;)

  6. That is cute, looks like a really quick pattern that would be good for charity quilts.

  7. Good you got this finished in the summer, hee hee. Looks great!

  8. So cute! The bubbles just make it even cuter.

  9. love the house fabric feel a need to try and find some of that! very nice quit too

  10. What a fun quilt, Val! Summersville is one of my favorites and those happy bubbles are just the ticket! Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

  11. That's a great pattern! I adore jelly rolls and layer cakes, so much so that I tend to just hoard and pet them instead of being brave and making them into something, lol! :)

  12. Very nice!! I can see why you fell in love with that fabric line.

  13. That pattern does a great job of showcasing those fabrics. Congrats on all the progress you made with your using precuts crusade.

    1. I really didn't want to cut this fabric up too much....I just liked all those houses and the town.

  14. I love the whimsical prints of these fabrics. This quilt is filled with happiness and wonderful, sketchy fun! 'Tis such a cool quilt, Val!

  15. Nice. I have some charm packs of this line but haven't decided what to do with them yet.

  16. It's in your genes!Swell quilt. Great idea with circles.


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