Sunday, August 7, 2016

Slow Stitching Progress...

I have been getting my Sue Spargo Bloom hand-stitching I can start something new!
How to you "plow" through a project you are tired of, but want to get it done?
Me? I take short-cuts! Notice along the fabric and ribbon I used decorative stitching done with my sewing machine. I'm also sticking to the creative stitches I know and aren't too detailed.
I only have two blocks after these to finish so for my August OMG I'm exclaiming to all of you is that I'll have all the blocks in this quilt finished and sewn together into a flimsy!! Oh man! Just writing that motivated me to go get the last two pieces prepped for stitching today. I'm start! 
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  1. This looks so fun Val, with the beautiful threads & fabrics, but I know what you mean when a project gets tiring! The variety of stitches you are bringing in looks great though, I am looking forward to the reveal!

  2. The colors of your project are so gorgeous--they make me want to dig right in and get stitching!

  3. WHOO HOO / good for you and oh MY the colors are just so rich and lovely!

  4. I like to mix machine and hand stitching - just a different texture to a piece.

  5. What a great idea to speed things up. Your stitching looks wonderful and what a lovely box of threads

  6. Beautiful blocks. Good luck with your August OMG.

  7. I love the butterflies! Unfortunately, when I get tired of a project it becomes a UFO...I must get tired a lot.

  8. Love the eye candy with your threads. :)


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