Monday, October 30, 2017

I'm Happily Back!

I sure missed my routines of blogging and sewing. But, I'm also so grateful I had the foresight to put so much on hold as we enjoyed family fun with our daughter, SIL and grand-guy as they stayed with us this past month during their transition. We so admire their patience as they make this big move with a wee one on the way! Wow! So much has happened.
Our grand-guy turned four! ( I didn't get his spiderman quilt done in time, but luckily, four year olds really don't know the difference and he'll be excited whenever it does get done.)

My niece's college volleyball team played in town. Good to see her!

I had the best little yard helper: 

He even earned $2.00 bucks for helping Meme pick up leaves... he also enjoyed numerous rides to empty our cart into the "trash trailer".

My son-in-law and I finally had some time to enjoy a fresh brewed beer (or two)
as we caught up on his new job and the details of their move.

And of course, hanging out with Poppi is always a special treat.

It was also nice to have my very own "super-hero" to help me with my volunteer work as I made my bi-monthly trip to our local food bank to stock up on donations for our school backpack program.  I coordinate this program for some of our homeless students so they have food on the weekend. 

I'll sure miss our daily walks. Typical four-year old humor, he thought it was absolutely 
hilarious that Jackson would ride in the stroller with him!

Luckily we had the most prefect Fall weather and enjoyed the crinkle of the leaves under our feet.

Poppi will also miss his nightly hot chocolates with too many marshmallows and making him
rootbeer floats "without the ice-cream". (I know! We laughed too.)

This past weekend we found ourselves "wrapping up the month"  with a breakfast of  unlimited pumpkin pancakes and a morning of outdoor fun. (Note: Four year olds are sooo much fun!)

All this was followed by an afternoon of pumpkin carving.
 I can't wait to decorate the front lawn with these for Halloween. 
I also think they'd  make a cool quilt!
Sooo...this morning finds them on the road to their new home and 
though my heart is a little sad to see them go and he cried to leave...

...I'm looking forward to finally finishing that spiderman quilt and the one I got pieced for our new grand-guy who, as you can see, is due to arrive in just a couple of weeks!
November is going to be a special month for us.  I'm looking forward to sharing my November projects with you and catching up with all that you've been up to as well. Please do stay tuned as I soon become a Meme once again and this little guy becomes a BIG brother!
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  1. I am so happy for you - family time is the absolute best use of time. In my opinion anyway.... Everything else is secondary. Will they live far from you? Will you get to take some time off when baby arrives? Glad you are back but more, I am so happy you had this time with them.

    1. Absolutely family time is number one!! They will only be 2 1/2 hours away now! YEAH! I'll be staying with them for two weeks once the baby is born. (Lucky me) I"m getting some projects ready!!!

  2. Sounds like you had great fun! Glad you are back dear friend!!!

  3. So fun to have them around, even if only for a little while. My daughter and sil will be staying with us for a few weeks until their apartment is ready to move in. Looking forward to it! Is Twin Falls the family destination? That's not so far away.

  4. So happy to visit your fun place again, Val. It looks as if you have had the best time with your loved ones. Looking forward to seeing that Spiderman quilt.

  5. It looks like you had so much fun. I had fun just reading about it. Welcome back. You were missed.

    1. Thanks Pat...I missed it too...but found myself to bed before my grand-guy some nights!! LOL!

  6. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with lots of great family time :)

  7. Such a full time, but time well spent. Nice to have you back. Thanks for doing the school backpack program. Helping kids avoid hunger is a cause close to heart.

  8. So good to hear you have had a great time. You will always get back to the sewing. We will be waiting for the new arrival.

  9. Welcome back! Looks like you had a fabulous October! I love that Paw Patrol cake--your Grand Guy and my Munchkin seem to have a lot in common! Love "root beer floats without the ice cream!"

  10. Looks like everyone had a great time. Wishing them well as they finish up their transition. Hope the sewing room has been some consolation. I know it helps me cheer back up each time the SIT goes back to college.

  11. It's great that you are back in blogland and refreshed after a break. I'm looking forward to my son's from Australia visiting in December and January, my eldest loves a Colorado craft brew whilst he's here, so we'll be doing that too. Your little grandguy is getting so big!


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