Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Happy Anniversary & More!

Oh My! I've been off having fun on vacation to sunny Arizona where we grew up. 
Hubby and I celebrated our 29th Anniv...

...and my Dad celebrated his 80th.

Both on Super-Bowl Sunday! Can you say P A R T Y!!!!!

Yes! We got married on my Dad's birthday and never has a year gone by without the ongoing "joke" that my husband gets a "check-in-the-mail" every month for taking me off his hands. ARG!

We traveled together as a family and our little guy so enjoyed his first plane ride from Oregon to Arizona. Lucky me! He INSISTED that he had to sit by his Meme on both flights!

I especially love this photo taken of the two of us on "family picture day".

Oh man we just had soooo much fun! We ate cake. (My niece making sure I got a corner piece.)

We enjoyed seeing old friends and our cups were overflowing with fun!
This is me with my son-in-law and maid of honor from 29 years ago!
Our little family of six traveled so well together and we truly had a great time on our adventure.

Our new guy, already eleven weeks old, traveled amazingly. His mother so patient.

Annndddd I absolutely love that my mom got to see and cuddle her new great grandson!

We stayed with one of our family friends, who is also a quilter, and I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the gorgeous king size quilt she just finished! (Darn it!) But is was fun to talk quilting and rummage through her stash and talk about projects as we wished we had more time together.
But as every good vacation entails, we must repack our bags and journey ourselves homeward.
I have two whole days of work this week (Thank goodness as I'm exhausted! LOL!!) and plan to spend a better part of Saturday doing laundry and sewing my February OMG project. Easy sewing which I'm sure will prove to be rejuvenating. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs and catching up with all of you. Seriously, I even missed my own Tuesday Archives this week! LOL!!! Oh well, life is good!

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  1. Hi Val what a lovely post ,happy anniversary to you and your hubby and happy birthday to your dad.xx

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you've been having fun ♥️👌

  3. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a fun time was had by all. It's great the littles traveled so well, got to get them used to it early.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Val. How fun to enjoy a family vacation together and catch up with your mom and friends. My, you look like your mom. LOVE the family photo with the blue, blue sea as a backdrop; precious memories for all. Enjoy your 2 weeks off.

  5. Every picture of you with your GS is just so filled with love! He clearly ADORES his Meme!! Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you had such a fun trip. Your Dad looks so much like my Grandpa on my mother's side, the squareness of his jaw especially. Happy birthday to him :)

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both! Fun times. Looks like you had a fantastic get-away with family and friends. Here's wishing you 29 years (at least) more!

  7. thank you for sharing-what a very fun trip with family.

  8. Happy Anniversary and your photos of you and your family are wonderful. How great that you all could travel together, and the little guy is getting so big!

  9. I wondered what you were up to! I've been pretty busy this week and am just now catching up on reading blogs. Looks like you had a great time.

  10. Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday to your Dad! What a wonderful way to celebrate! I bet all those family pictures are going to be awesome! It looks like weather-wise your February is a lot more enjoyable this year than last.

  11. What a beautiful wonderful family post! I just loved it and smiled the whole way through :) Happy Anniversary and Dad's Birthday as well :)

  12. I've had fun catching up on your posts this morning. Happy Anniversary! I love seeing your sweet family.

  13. What a lovely time spent with family. Happy anniversary


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