Monday, March 12, 2018

Arg! Time to Spring Forward!

Many of us woke up Sunday with an hour lost. I'm personally all out of sorts with it staying light later. Then Monday rolls around and we're  back to "going to work" in the dark. Arg!
I don't feel sleep deprived, more wanting to spend more time outside at the end of the day yet it's still too cold. But oddly, I still like it all. I grew up in Arizona with no Daylight Saving Time. I find that it helps add a little hop to our routines. How about you? Do you like Daylight Saving Time?

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  1. Hi Val i am in Australia and i love day light savings,though it wouldnt be much fun going to work in the dark xx

  2. I like daylight savings time, coming home when it's light is definitely the up side. Though I don't like going to work in the dark. But that won't last long.

  3. Hate messing with the time! Wish we just left it alone as it naturally gets light or dark on it's own. I felt jet lagged from changing the time. Some states don't mess with it, so why do so many still do it?

  4. I hate it. I wish they would just pick one and stick with it. It is going to get lighter in the evening anyway, and artificially moving that up doesn't do anything it was supposed to do. It doesn't save money or electricity.


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