Saturday, March 10, 2018

Knitted Baby Blankets and More...

Many of you who follow my blog regularly know I sometimes like to highlight the beautiful projects my mom knits for our family and friends. I just received this one in the mail yesterday as a gift for my previous teacher partner's family, as they just had their second child, a baby boy, two weeks ago.
They named him Everett and for some reason I just love that name. 

I love the pattern in this knitted blanket. It is super soft and the babies will often be found with their little fingers weaved through those tiny holes when you are cuddling them. It's so sweet.

She also made a small, car seat blanket. I love how the yarn is variegated and the pattern it creates.

I made two receiving blankets last night. Dad's a local high school football coach and mom loves elephants. Needless to say, they both loved their personalized blankets. Upon request, this summer  I'll be making them a football designed quilt in our town's school colors. I'll use minky on the back and it will be perfect for mom and son during those Fall football games next year. 

I even made another "taggy" blanket with minky on one side and satin on the other. I like to use books as "my card" and included The Baby's Handbook of Songs thinking is was perfect for big sis to "sing and read" to her new baby brother as all the pictures are in black and white.  
Well...I hope you found a little inspiration here and perhaps even a few baby gift ideas.
Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and happiness.
PS: Here's one more gift idea perfect for preschoolers. Their preschooler "cut" for the entire two hours I was there. Bless her little soul. She was having so much fun before she noticed a new little blister on her finger. Luckily it was nothing a band-aid couldn't fix and she was back to cutting before we knew it. It was cute. She is three and our grand-guy who is four, really enjoy this book:  

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  1. Your mum does a beautiful job knitting those blankets. Your sewing efforts for gifts are wonderful too. The hand made gifts are the best. I always like to encourage reading by giving books.. Enjoy your day.

  2. Each one of those gifts is adorable, but I especially love the knitted blanket. It's gorgeous!

  3. Those are beautiful knitted blankets, someday I'll learn to knit better. Kudos to your mom.

  4. Your mom does beautiful work--thanks for sharing! It looks so cuddly and soft. My one attempt at knitting was a disaster, so I always admire knitted projects.

  5. Beautiful knitting. I have never been good at knitting or crocheting. Your blog header (and that quilt) is so cute.

  6. So many sweet baby things in this post! The knitted blankets, the taggy, the receiving blankets...all are such precious gifts. I'm sure they are/will be deeply appreciated :)

  7. What beautiful gifts! Love the blue blanket, such a pretty pattern, superb knitting.

  8. Those are all amazing gifts, Val. I'm sure they were appreciated. Your taggy blanket is a great idea.

  9. Oodles of inspiration to be found here, Val. Your mother is a beautiful knitter. The pretty blue blanket is gorgeous!


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