Friday, November 16, 2018

My Favorite Eye-Spy Quilt Yet!!!!

Today our little grand guy is ONE!!! 

This is his birthday quilt:
Right! An eye-spy cow!!! I had so much fun creating this one!! I love the  ribbon tail, ping-pong utters and taggy number one on top of the spiderman cupcake! I's not even done....but enough to gift to him. Life's just been so great ways. (more on that later)

We didn't capture his initial reaction on film...but he loved all the colors and textures.
 He immediately clapped and sat right down on it. He made my day.

I have the border picked out and I'm really looking forward to custom 
quilting it over my Winter Break in December.
We brought big brother home for a few days of Grammy Camp as I'm off work all this next week!
(SOOOOOO excited!!!!) Planning to post and certainly catch up with all of  your blogs too.
Wishing you a happy start to the holiday week ahead. 


  1. That is such a different (and so you) way to make an I SPy - so cute!! Enjoy grammy camp - gosh these guys are growing up so fast.

  2. Oh such fun! That is a great quilt for a one year old. He's grown so much. They don't stay babies for long, which is good and bad. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

  3. What a charmer!! Both the quilt and the cutie on it!!

  4. That is darling and he will have so much fun spotting his blocks.

  5. Yes, you had way too much fun on this one, but that's what grandmothers get to do! What a treasure! Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Wow....your grand guy is one!! How did that happen?? Happy birthday to him! What a fabulous and fun quilt. I love the eye spy cow and his charming. Love the photo of him sitting "I spy with my little eye" each fabric. I agree, this eye spy would have to be my favourite, thus far!

  7. I would clap and sit down on this darling quilt, too! In fact, I'm clapping with delight at these happy photos of your special little guy. And those dingle dangle fuzzy udder balls...I'm dying here, LOL! :)

  8. Oh so cute Val! It looks like grandson is loving the quilt too. Happy belated birthday wishes to him.

  9. And the cow even has a purple head! (I never saw a purple cow, I hope to never see one ...). Very cute. Have a fun week off and a Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. OMG! TOO cute!!! (The quilt and the "baby.")

  11. What an adorable quilt and an even more adorable little boy. I hope you have enjoyed your time off. I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt after your December break.


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