Thursday, November 29, 2018

A New Charity Mission....

Like many of us, my mom and I sometimes just like to try new patterns, yarns and fabric 
without any reason except to learn something new. 
But soon, we each find ourselves with a closet full of unused blankets and quilts: 
So together we have set out over the next year to provide a blanket or quilt for each of the students in my elementary school that are in Foster Care. Right now we have about fifteen kids.
The three pictured above were gifted to three girls last month. Two of the girls are in the sixth grade with special needs and were immediately drawn to the bright colored ones. They are actually in foster care together so were happy to each get a new blanket together. The pastel blanket went to a girl with a brain impairment and she immediately cuddled up in the blanket. It was sweet and inspiring and is a good "excuse" for mom and I to continue to try new things. (Not that we need an excuse) But sometimes don't you find it's rejuvenating to find a new purpose for a hobby you enjoy so much?


  1. There's nothing more rewarding than sharing our gift of quilting with someone in need of a little extra hug and the warmth of a quilt. This is such a sweet gesture, Val!

  2. You have such a giving nature, I am sure those kids will love them.

  3. Good for you (and your Mom). It's a wonderful project and your recipients will treasure their gifts.

  4. What a wonderful gesture! To have the quilts find such apppreciative owners. Fabulous idea!

  5. Yes, yes, yes!! Quilting went from being a fun, occasional pastime to a full time obsessive hobby when I paired it with charitable giving! "Hey, I can give the darn things away, make someone else happy, and then MAKE MORE!" Total win-win, LOL :)

  6. I love seeing quilts find a good home. What a wonderful heart you and your mom have to share some of yours :)

  7. Purpose and passion combine so well together don't they!!! one can inspire the other 👌💖


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