Saturday, December 1, 2018

Christmas Wishes...

"Dear Santa, All's I want for Christmas is a mini drone."
What's even more adorable about this picture is, you can't see it, but Santa is using his right hand to  show to our grand guy "how" to fly a drone as he patiently demonstrated the "trick" is in a slow liftoff. Our little guy literally skipped away from Santa with the 
biggest smile on his face exclaiming to his mom and me: 
"I can't wait for Christmas!"

Welcome Christmas!
Wishing you a holiday month filled with the same joy and excitement found by our five year old grand guy.


  1. Such sweet memories being made. Love it. Made my day.

  2. Oh, my, Christmas through the eyes of a child, how marvelous!

  3. That is SUCH a great photo of both little guys! I love it :)

  4. Amazing that the littler guy has such a big smile on his face since kids that age don't always react that way to Santa. You are sure to have a very Merry Christmas this year.

  5. This will be a treasured story for years to come. Enjoy the upcoming festivities.

  6. What great pictures! Love the drone story!

  7. such a cute photo with Santa!

  8. and sweet story! I hope Santa brings him a drone ;)

  9. Oh my gosh--look at those smiles! So cute!


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