Monday, December 10, 2018

Simple Joy: SNOW!

Nothing brings me more JOY this time of year than 
watching kids react to the first snow of the season!
They exclaim!

 They persevere. 

 They begin to roll....
...and roll....
  ...and roll!
 Nooooottt the amount you my friends are receiving back East here in the United States...but if ya ever drive by a snow filled school yard, whose fields are scattered with snowballs of a variety of sizes, you can now  smile knowing the JOY of those happy little people behind all that rolling!


  1. I haven't made a snowman in years. We certainly could today if we wanted to!

  2. I had to drop by to tell you I love your"vintage" hand knit sweater. I have several and look forward to wearing them each winter. But then unlike you, I really am vintage.
    Beautiful Heart quilt too.

  3. Oh, yes - they will scope and roll with delight even the meagerest bit of snow.

  4. Such fun! We've had some snow this season, but mostly cold weather rather than snow. I'm hoping for a white Christmas though...

  5. The snow is always beautiful especially when it is the first of the season.


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