Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The last 100 Days of 2020!!!!

I'm back and as I return to blogging, I'm doing so to share my 100 day Challenge with you! 
What are you going to do with the LAST 100 days of 2020???
During a time when everything feels so out of control and the calendar continues to be a record of cancelled/postponed events. We isolate more and keep our social distance. 
Even upon the return to school/work...the new normal looks like this:
Chromebooks were distributed and teachers are the only humans in the school buildings as our students are taught virtually. I sit in a corner of my office area and meet with classes/teachers like this:
As I start my 33rd year of teaching, as you can imagine, this is all so unimaginable.
I feel even worse for our students and their families.
Six months into this pandemic, I find myself tired and unmotivated. 
But I'm tired of feeling blah. 
I've chosen to control THAT which I CAN and plan to share my journey here with you as this first, give me accountability and second, if I motivate just one other person to do the same...that makes my day. 
So HOW do we stay motivated?
HOW do we reach our goal?
2. Your workouts should "pump" you up! 
3. Make it a habit of "showing up" for yourself.
4. Create healthy habits for yourself.
Mine include:
Fitness. I move everyday!!!
Committed to a nutrition program.
Committed to daily personal development.
Keeping an affirmation journal.
Tracking it all!
How do you start?
1. COMMIT...this actually will give you a sense of control.
2. Identify your WHY! (More on this to come in future posts.)
3. MOVE...find an exercise outlet that your enjoy!
On top of my daily walks, I'm committing to:
4. READ NON-FICTION...get the positivity of others in your head.
5. WRITE...daily. I will be doing THAT right here on the blog.
6. TRACK IT ALL...I have my traveler's notebook for this and LOVE to track everything. here we go...take control of these last 100 days of 2020.
Set a goal for yourself and share it with us.
With SMILES. Val


  1. I'm pretty sure the "total body badness" would not go well with me. However, the weather is so beautiful I have zero excuse not to take walks. Thank you for the inspiring post, reminding us to focus on the things we can actually control. Like fabric and thread. Usually.

  2. I know what you mean about the teaching on line. My students will be taught face to face on alternate weeks from next week which we are all looking forward to. keeping motivated can be a problem but so far managing well. I will think about my goals for the remainder of 2020 this evening. It's always good to have a plan.

  3. I've actually used my pandemic time pretty well and achieved a lot! I'm still working on a wide variety of tasks that keep me motivated most of the time. I look forward to seeing you progress through these 100 days. Marianne

  4. I love your 100 days goal setting. You've got all the right bullet points to glide into the new year happy and healthy. Awesome! As for me, I stink at goal setting and carrying out (voice of experience talking), so I will just be your cheerleader!

  5. Cannot imagine what extra burdens teachers have now! Hang in there!


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