Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Feet!

My surprise Christmas present were hand-knitted slippers by my mom. (Thanks Mom!)
She has been making them for me since I was a child and continues to do so (even though I'm sure she is wearing ill of the pattern.)She knows I love them and often wear them out.
Yes, JACKSON continues to think my photo ops are about him!
Here are my "new" slippers. (Sweet!)
 Here are my "old slippers".
 Last year I found this pattern below, hoping to change things up for my mom,
 but I guess there's no replacing a favorite! (Thank goodness!)
 I keep them all in a basket by my bed.
They are all made from different weights of yarn,
 so Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall I have Happy Feet!
 What was your favorite gift received this Christmas?
 We continue to be under an inversion of freezing fog...
so staying inside and in the studio is easy! 

With smiles!


  1. My favorite gift was the $50 voucher my husband got me because he thoughtfully bought me something I would love even if I didn't 'need' it :-) But I also got two vintage singer sewing machines that I bought for myself that are pretty special too lol!

  2. I received a sewing machine tote on wheels so I can easily transport it to my Tuesday quilt group. Love it!

  3. My favorite gift this year was the Orange Leatherman Multi-tool that I got from my daughter and future son-in-law! (orange is my favorite color, of course, and it matches the Swiss Army knife she got me in Switzerland when she was studying abroad). I carry it in my purse, because a girl never knows when she'll need a knife/pliers/wire cutter/scissors/bottle opener(!)/screwdriver (about 4 of them) with a loop for a lanyard!!!

  4. Oh I love those hand knitted slippers-that's too awesome.
    It's just the two of us here, so christmas's here are mostly very very quiet. I make up special foods and sweets and enjoy that-plus I give allot of it way too.
    But I did get a surprise handknitted very soft cozy hat from one of my blog friends-I love it! and since my back is still messed up and hard for me to get the wood in and keep a fire going in the living room hubby ordered me one of those little eden pure heaters-so am anxious for that to arrive.
    our ice all melted now and we are enjoying 50's here til tomorrow night when winter temps arrive again

  5. Sweet feet! I too, love to wear slippers! Your mom is pretty special to keep you in these precious handmade with love gifts!

  6. Great slippers! How special to have mom made slippers.

  7. I love the slippers. My Nana used to make slippers for us when I was a kid. I hope one day to start making them for myself. Maybe this year will be the year. It looks like your mum has a good pattern there, maybe she can share it with us all.

    My favourite Christmas present this year was probably a wall hanging that my mum gave me. It has my name on it and a lovely quote. Things with my name on it are hard to come by, so ever since I was little I always thought it was special when I could get something that was personalised. She also gave me a bookmark with my name on it.

  8. My favorite gift was one that came unexpectedly - our stray kitten Elsa! I am such a fan of slippers... along with my fleece they are mandatory wearing in all seasons but summer. Love yours.

  9. I am a slipper wearer of long standing. When the current Lamo's wear out I am going to knit a pair for myself again. I am fond of the felted clog.

  10. I love having slippers too. I really love that style of knitte dslipper,what is it's name? If you and your Mom could share, I'd appreciate it. With hard wood floors, My desire is to have a basket of different sizes of slippers for all who enter and this design would be perfect!

    Thanks for your tim and will be poking around your blog some more. Nice contents. Jane


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