Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Happy Mail December fat quarter package arrived in the mail today!
What a great variety of browns. 
I also received a "surprise" package from blogger friend Dona from Grateful 4 Quilting. She sent these awesome prints to add to my Eye Spy Quilt! Are they not the cutest!!!! Thanks so much Dona!
I missed blogging this week....but with the weather we've had and it being the last week of school before break...I was exhausted! (My second Graders CAN NOT wait till Christmas! I only wish I could package their energy!) I did make a lot of progress of my Garden Party Applique Quilt in the evenings and think I'm going to have a Friday Finish next week. YAH!!!!!! 

We had ANOTHER 5 inches of snow last night....but the sun shined bright for most the day today (insert a big smiley face). Yet, as I write this post and gaze outside my window, the inversion is creeping back (insert okay face). I'm okay...because having grown up in the Arizona desert, I can tell you I am NOT a hot weather person. I absolutely love living where we get to enjoy the four seasons! But, I will admit, it was wonderful to feel the sun on my face today. After a week and half of frigid weather, my buddy Jackson and I finally got to go for an afternoon walk. (Yes, I'm a avid walker.)
 90% of the sidewalks were shoveled, so that made for an easier excursion.
Jackson often venturing off into the snow. He didn't seem to mind when he often found himself buried. He truly loves our walks as much as I do.
I mean, just look at that face!
He just kept going and going. But I did sense he was a little releaved when were just around the corner from home. (As I'm sure he was feeling frozen!)
Of which, upon arrival of, I gave him a warm bath and then sat down for a dinner of warm, homemade chili. The beginning of the week will find me starting my winter break from teaching.(YAHHH!!!!) I plan to get busy in the studio creating and setting  my quilting goals for 2014. So be sure to stop by and see what I come up with. I'm thinking of a linky part of sorts so we can all share our quilty aspirations for 2014.
Until then, keep smiling!



  1. great fabrics-and what a sweet dog you have-such a cute face-we don't have the snow here but we have allot of ice now-happy sewing

  2. Love your selection of brown fabrics and great shot of them in the snow with your wellies!!! And Jack, well he's simply adorable :D

  3. What a lovey variety of brown fabrics. I need to add browns to my stash! Merry Christmas!

  4. First off let me just say, I love your boots! Secondly, I love that John deere fabric! Are you sure you don't have enough squares yet?!?!? You guys got more snow then us...i'm hoping for a blizzard for Christmas! xoxo

    1. THANKS! I love my new boots too! They are warm too...And, I'm getting close to having enough squares....I want the quilt to be a lap size.

  5. What a beautiful brown bundle. Those 'I Spy' prints are great!

  6. Beautiful fabrics and it looks like you had a wonderful walk! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  7. I have never seen snow before in real life, but, as I stand here with sweat dripping off me, looking at your photos, I really wish I could see snow right now.

    Sometimes I find brown very dull and boring, other times it is one of my most favourite colours. I think because there is such a variety of browns, both of these feelings can be true.


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