Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Wonky Stars WIP Continues

I added in some "fillers" and the top now measures "about"  72" x 90".
I'm planning to sew the blocks together without sashing, remeasure and then 
 add a 2-3" black border and then use my leftover scraps
to create an 8" strip for the outer border:
If all my calculations are right, I'll finish with a  92"x110" quilt top...
plenty big for the queen size bed I'm making it for.
A WIP for sure!


  1. It is so sweet of you to make me a quilt. I love this - not overly R/W/B, but a nice Americana feel with just the right amount of splash color to make it happy.

  2. Great quilt! I can see a lot of work is going into this one. It is nice to work on an old favorite a little at a time. It is going to be amazing. Beautiful color choices and you know I love starts!

  3. Val I see that Jackson is really studying the layout of this quilt top and seems to be quite concerned about what is happening on the right side of this quilt. Did he approve of the positioning of the blocks on the right or not? LOL!!! He is quite the cute little quilt partner! I think your quilt is looking great.

  4. You seem to have a dog pieced into your star quilt... did you know? LOL I don't know how you get so much done with Jackson there... I'd be so distracted.
    Love the stars.

  5. Love this layout! Hope you've made lots of progress since you posted it.

  6. Looks great so far!


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