Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby Car Seat Canopies

I was able to happy dance one Christmas a few years ago when our oldest daughter requested a sewing machine for Christmas! We bought her a little Singer. Then taught her the basics as she made her first charm pack quilt. Sewing has become her favorite hobby of choice and she has really found her niche creating car seat canopies.   

She really does enjoy making these, thus I asked if can share some on my blog.
They are made from cotten flannel and you can even request to have a minky lining inside.
Quite honestly, you can pretty much personalize your entire order as she enjoys shopping for the fabric as much as we quilters do! 

You can request to have one custom made for a boy (with soft minky inside):

....or one for a girl.

You can request to have the front panel open and tie shut in the front like here:

...or you can request to have a solid front panel with no just lift and peek at your little one. You can even request to have one made in honor of your favorite sports team: 
Anyhoo, here's a quick link to her facebook page. (Click here)
You can drop her an email with your requests. She ships to anywhere in the US. (Sorry my overseas friends) Tell her I sent ya and receive free shipping on your order through the end of May (2015). (She also makes matching cute!)
Such a crafty girl this one is and what a proud momma I am!
Thanks for stopping by...and happy Monday!


  1. These canopies are too cute! Almost makes me wish I needed one...almost! :)

    1. Lol!! Unless you are the grandma! They have made great shower gifts too.

  2. Obviously the clever sewing gene runs in your family! Cute, cute baby car seat canopies AND the fabrics are gorgeous!

  3. How wonderful that she enjoys sewing and that you have that in common. These are wonderful and so pretty and well . . a great idea. I can see them sheltering baby from being in public during cold and flu season, as well as being a cozy comfort for nap-time.

  4. What a great idea! I know you are a proud momma! Thanks for sharing Val!

  5. Love this proud mama moment. I will be sharing soon about Cheetah's latest sewing. :)

  6. Oh those are so cute!

    My DD expresses no interest in the sewing machine, you give me hope that might change when she gets older.


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