Wednesday, May 6, 2015

HMQS Utah...Here I Come!

Yep! I'm on a plane very early in the morning! Destination: Salt Lake City,Utah.  
I can't think of a better way to use two personal days from teaching than attending a huge quilt show and classes with a friend! We are taking a class by Gina Perkes. 

Our hands-on, long-arm quilting class with Gina is called Modern Love.
Description: Modern quilts provide a fabulous canvas for showcasing gorgeous quilting designs! Discover new quilting designs which will enhance your modern quilt tops. You will learn the basics of ruler/grid work, new modern fill designs and more. You will also come away with trouble shooting info.  and tips for decorative thread success!  

We're also attending a lecture class by Gina called: How Do I Quilt This?
Description: Gina will take you through the process of determining how to quilt a quilt through a power point presentation. Students will discover how to identify the style and purpose of their quilts or those of their customers, then how to create an appropriate quilting plan. Students will have the opportunity to email pictures to Gina ahead of time to be discussed in class. (I can't wait to get her input on the quilt pictures I sent her!)

Finally, we have one more lecture titled: Curve It Up-A Fresh: Look to Custom Quilting  
This class will certainly come in handy when I go to quilt my Modern Rings:
Description: We'll learn the fun and easy techniques Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson of Sew Kind of Wonderful use to add curves to custom quilting. Go beyond fillers and feathers by adding curves to create secondary designs. Learn how to add curves to borders, piecing and open spaces to give your quilting a fresh contemporary look. 
As you can probably tell, I'm a little ( okay...way) excited. So....if you are there and spot me, please do say hi! It would be great to meet in person! And....because probably only a minimal fraction of my followers are even in the remote area of Salt Lake City this week (lol!) worries....I plan to share my experience with an upcoming series of Thursday Inspiration posts for the remainder of May, followed by posts documenting my summer implemetation of  lessons learned. Admittably I'm a little over excited that I get to use personal days from work to better myself as a quilter. ( Oh my! Life is good!) Seriously though, when I told my second graders that I would be gone on a "trip" and would see them was like seeing the word FREEDOM in bold letters!  Thanks for being patient with me today...I'm a veteran teacher and a novice quilter. It feels good to be learning something new!!!


  1. Yay! This is super exciting. I hope you have a ton of fun. I am sure you are going to learn some things and l look forward to your "sharing" posts. Safe travels!

  2. Have a fantastic time! I am sure you will learn lots of neat techniques that you can share with the rest of us. Safe travels!

  3. I'm super excited for you! Enjoy your freedom and learning.

  4. Enjoy the experience and I look forward to reading all about it.

  5. Oh Valery what a great and instructive trip! Enjoy this exciting event!

  6. Enjoy the classes and the trip.

  7. How exciting!! and more fun going with a friend-learn a bunch and have fun-hugs

  8. Hooray for you Val! Have a fabulous time!

  9. Super exciting-I mean Gina Perkes!! Have a fabulous time and can't wait to hear all about it.

  10. Gina is a fabulous teacher, I took two classes with her at the AQS show in Charlotte last summer. Have a great time!

  11. Sounds so exciting; oh the things you will learn! Have fun!!

  12. Val - I'm in SLC too! Have have a class first thing Friday morning with Jenny. Are you in that one? I'll look for you.

    1. We are in the same class!! See yA there! Looking forward to finally meeting in person.


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