Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank YOU!!!

 Imagine my happy dance when I recieved an email from Helen and Marly announcing thier nomination of my blog for this awesome award. "Your blog always inspires me and it had to be on my list! I enjoy every singlepost!" (Helen, thank you!)

WOW! I am so honored and flattered! Seriously, thank you Helen and Marly. I mean, I think we can all remember writing that very first post, begging our family members to comment, just to make sure "everything" works. And now, almost two years later, to not only have developed a wonderful group of friends and followers, but to find out you actually enjoy reading my posts. THANK YOU!

So, the first goal of the award is to share seven things about ourselves you may not know.
 How fun! Here are seven non-quilty things about me:

1. I have never been on Facebook! (Really!)

Image result for olive oylImage result for big bird 
2. My nicknames in high school where fondly Olive Oyl and Big Bird!

3. I'd like to write a book someday. Thus one of the two main reason I even started a blog. (The other reason is to doucment my quilting and I find our virtual quilting guild very inspiring and motivating!)I document my writing progress under the labels: Life and Learning and Classroom Quilts. All the creative writing classes I have taken, stress, that you need to write everyday....just write. I totally find blogging a lot more fun and rewarding than talking to myself in a journal. (LOL!)

4. I haven't had a soda in years and gave up coffee after my gallbladder surgery.
 (I wish I could say the same about dark chocolate)

5. By the time I was thirty I had earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism, a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, married my DH, we had two young daughters, experienced surgical menopause after having a full hysterectomy and overcame cancer. (Hodgkins Disease)

6. With that said, yes, middle age and empty nest find me enjoying my freedom, being a grammy, quilting, wine and Life is Good t-shirts . All of these are my very favorite things right now. LOL!
Women's Half Full Wine Glass Crusher Tee

7. And finally, today is the last day of my forties. Yep! Tomorrow is my:
Image result for 50 quotes birthday

 Oh sure, gray hairs are beginning to supplant my natural color. Gravity has begun to take its toll as I notice my neck sags (Are you kiddding me!), my stomach has a new bulge, my boobs droop, my face has wrinkles, my underarms swing like fish bellies as I write on the board at school and my skin is losing its elasticity. But on the bright side: I have osteoporosis yet I'm still 5'10", so atleast I'm not shrinking. Annndd...I don't have to worry about menopause. Well if you ask me:
Image result for 50 quotes birthday
Life is never perfect. But if we are lucky, our obstacles are balanced with joys. I continue to live my life in gratitude and with as much grace as I can mustard. I like this age, this chapter of life. I'm content. I'm having fun! Thanks so much for being a part of it.

With that said and shared, the next rule of the award is to share some of my very favorite blogs.
(Ugh...I hate picking) I mean just check out my blogroll on the sidebar. I have all you guys there so not to miss a post. But here's a small preview of a variety of wonderful blogs you'll find there:
Kim who blogs at Sarah Lizzies
Sharon who blogs at Vroomans Quilts
Kate who blogs at Life In Pieces
Teje at Nero's Post and Patch 
Nita at Nita Dances
Check them out and hopefully meet someone new!


  1. Well, thanks Val! That was very sweet of you!
    I hate to say it but it's all down hill after 50 (body wise) BUT there is RETIREMENT!! Life after retirement is SWEET...VERY SWEET!! It's ALL about having fun! Doing what you want, when you want to do it! are going to love it! But you still have a few more years to 'put in'...enjoy them because in the grand scheme of things age is relative! You are as young as you feel! My husband's grandmother use to call him the kid...and he was over 60...she was 102! Have a wonderful birthday, Val!!...and many, many more! It's all good!

  2. Awesome list of 7 things. I love your attitude and happy birthday!

  3. Many happy returns of tomorrow, Val; have a great day. It's been nice to read more about your full life, and now I'm off to meet some more of your blogging friends.

  4. Happy Birthday, Val! (and many more!)
    Always love reading your blog.

  5. happy birthday... I just did the 60th and like that old joke goes, if I'd known I was gonna live this long I'd have taken better care of myself!! I am also non FB, I also gave up sodas, and I also want to write a book. See?? We have a lot in common. I grew up taller than most girls in school but only 5"7". What's it like to be taller? I love reading your blog, the fun stuff you get up to, and thank you for reading mine too!! I'm going to check out your label to read more of your writings. LeeAnna

  6. Happy Birthday Val! Thank you so much for a lovely post and for including my blog to your list! I have been already nominated with this award from few other blogs and when preparing my post, I have add you to my list! Looks like this fun is going around. Enjoy the great age but take also care of yourself, it is a little down hill from now. Hugs! x Teje

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday. I will always remember my 50th birthday, loved the celebration of it. Not so much since! Great post. Thanks for sharing these parts of your life with us.

  8. Happy birthday a day early. Congratulations on the the award. I really like your blogs, don't always get to the right away but when I do I enjoy reading them. Love your outlook on life.

  9. When I turned 50, I announced to anyone that asked how I felt about it, that my 50's would be the best decade of my life. In just over 6 months I'll be saying the same thing only it will be for my 60's. Only thing I wish hadn't happened was losing 2 inches of height.

    Enjoy your 50's, the best is yet to come.

  10. Happy Birthday! What a fun post to read. I love reading your writings and seeing your pictures.

  11. a very happy birthday, oh to be a young 50! Good to read and learn more about you and what has happened in your journy through life, Shrinkage comes, they tell me I am 5`8" not sure where the 2" has gone as things are still fitting the same! trust the osteoporosis is not causing you pain.Like you I had a hysterectomy when I was 31, not total but fortunately never went through the menopause, highly unlikely to now as I am 68!

  12. Happy Birthday Myplvl. I can't wait to celebrate 100 with you.... Bill. 💘

  13. Happy Birthday, Val! Yes, you are perfect 10's and I am so glad to know you. Your blog certainly is lovely and so are YOU!

  14. Happy 50th birthday! I really enjoyed this post. All you said about being older is true, but on the other side of that I think age brings a lot of self acceptance and therefore more peace and happiness. I think the 5 perfect 10 comment is right on.

    I'm so glad the you enjoy my blog. It's nice to know that what one writes isn't just going out into the ether of the internet.

  15. Val, Happy, happy birthday!!!! 50 is a fabulous number!!! (I know, I've been in my 50's for 6 years now!). And I did learn some things about you I didn't know - like you are tall, like me! Lol. Have a great birthday today!

  16. Valerie, I think your write so well that you are very able to write a book! I understand you are a very courageous person and I wish I would live closer to be able to meet you. I wish you a very happy birthday, enjoy because you are very young!

  17. Happy Birthday Val and many, many more!
    LOTS of people LOVE your blog, your wonderful writing and fabulous projects! And it certainly does beat having you put all this in a journal, because then we get to enjoy it too.
    I like what you said about "Life is never perfect. But if we are lucky, our obstacles are balanced with joys." So true!

  18. Happy birthday, Val, sorry I am a day late and a dollar short. If your candy gram was the start of your birthday it must of been awesome. Just remember that the age is just counting the years you have lived not the age you feel. You are entering the fun age so enjoy it to the fullest.

  19. It is great learning more about who we chat with! No wonder you get so much done between obtaining your education, health scares, raising a family and and working---My nickname for you is "Wonder Woman".

  20. Congratulations Val! You do indeed have lovely blog! I love the positive energy here! You are an amazing lady!

  21. Hope you are still celebrating your birthday! I finally got a chance to click through your blog list -I live to find new blogs to follow. Thanks so much for sharing!


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