Monday, June 29, 2015

Attention Piggy Bank Challenge Participants!

 Mark your calendars as next Monday, July 6th, will find us emptying our "piggy banks" as the end of the 2nd Annual Piggy Bank Challenge will be upon us. We'll create a post exclaiming our totals, share what quilty purchase(s) we're going to make and link up here once again to share and celebrate! 
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I still love to see all the different "piggy banks"we all shared as we linked up and commited to this  quilty challenge of sorts last year. (We had 35 people link up and about five more commit.)
I know at the mid-point check in ,  quite a few of you were making great coin savings progress...and I'm thinking I might beat my hubby for the first time this year. Which means, this year HE has to buy the ice-cream! LOL!! Okay, enough of me being silly, until next Monday, keep up the coin savings and be thinking about what your quilty "treat" is going to be!


  1. oh dear I think I poor little piggy bank might not be too full! So like the tin can with the 50 euro note on though in the collage!

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, a quilty treat? You, MaLady, are an enabler! I knew there was a reason I liked you. Lol

  3. Sounds like fun Val. Count me in (pun intended, lol)!!!! Now to find a suitable piggy bank for all the loot I will fill it with...

  4. wow has it really been a year already? I don't think I have too much in mine but we'll see when I count it


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