Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Archives #67: Ruler Work

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This week's theme is: Ruler Work

You may have remembered reading that I ended up in a ruler class with Barb, who blogs at Mountain Quiltworks, last month at the HMQS in Salt Lake City! It was fun to finally meet a blogging buddy in person and I'm a little jealous she already put our class to work. Here is her quilt finished using the Quick Curve ruler (for quilters) which tracks fairly closely to the curves in Helen and Jenny's patterns. Barb admits having a lot of fun echoing and quilting the rings! (Stop by Sew Kind of Wonderful for more about these patterns and rulers.)

Personally, ruler work is on my goal list. I feel I have pantographs under my belt and look forward to gradually expanding my skill set. This week, I'm looking forward to seeing ruler work you've done. Whether on your home sewing machine, short-arm, long-arm...all ruler work inspires! Also, feel welcome to create a new post to share your ruler quilting, your favorite ruler "tools", and/or lessons learned.


  1. I will be doing a ruler course next month. I have seen so many beautiful quilting designs and hope to learn how to do it for myself

  2. I have a lot of fun quilting with rulers. Although my work is a lot more simple, and done differently on a sit down machine. I have a queen size quilt to do next week for my mom that will use a ruler for all the blocks (clam shell). It takes longer, but sure is pretty.

  3. I have never done ruler work before. I don't have a long-arm either.

  4. NO way, Val! You went to HMQS Salt Lake City? Well, if you go again, we must meet for lunch or something. I was there too. I just enjoyed the quilt show and tried out the sit down longarm machines. That is where I decided to buy my Juki.

  5. P.S. I just bought my first ruler for machine quilting and am awaiting the sticky adhesive strips to attach so I can use them. I only bought one ruler to try for now to see how it works out for me.

  6. Hope you don't mind that I crashed the party with some DSM ruler work! Now that vendors are starting to make rulers for regular sewing machines too, we can also get in on the fun. I ordered a set for Baptist Fans last month that I hope to get to try out this month. Looking forward to the upcoming Piggy Bank Reveal too!!

  7. Yea, I have something to link! I really need to get back to practicing with the Quilter's Apothecary rulers I bought last summer. Give Jackson a tummy rub!

  8. I wish I had taken the ruler class with you and Barb. If I had known you two were going to be there, I probably would have traveled. I need to order the curved ruler. I use a straight one and some circle rulers. They take a bit to get used to and learning some tricks would be great!

  9. what an amazing quilt so much easier when you have the right tools


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